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Deadly Roblox & more

Leo the minion partMinion:bananaCory:shut up minion WAPOW

Camille Costello

Inglourious Basterds and Django Unchained.... yes.


landan ledbetter

That was funny when I saw a penny on the dirt bike because I do motocross😂😂

thanachat lertwiram

Gun with legs???

Spider 2.0

I grew up with severe autism and still don’t understand these. Sure, my autism has faded immensely (is that the right way to put it?) but what is so bad about it? Why are people worried about telling others about it. I had it effect me for 16 years and not once did anything like this happen. Guys, if your as paranoid as this women, don’t be. I got through it. When you get older, it just becomes life. I really question these types of videos

Jordan Bosley

This is sooooo 2014.

Baldemar Cervantes

dont let this distract you from the fact that kawai quit his former team because he did not want to practice so much

Moustafa Sherif

watching this in 2016

Sapphire Axel

How about use all of that money to stop global warming?


this such a sad story ............I even cry

But I didn’t do anything out of fear of being in trouble.

Gacha Kitty

4:33 i dont wanna say he's a psychopath

Kahsyia Branch


Wolfy Wolf

Who do you think is the best dude perfect 🥇

Arutselvam Arunachalam

I think Cody is better than Ty


Duh it's called editing i'm sure it took them hundreds of takes


Taz Akhtar


Lou Rabanos

Google next please

Rowell Agron

That kid is si cute!😄😘

Faris Khojah 2

Your throwing perfectly good food that you Could have given to the homeless