Ashraf Joya

Plz guys come at my home there is a lots of work 😂😂

Marcus Enos

I hate it when ty wins

Da Bozz

I’ve never played golf before...


Its funnier cuz you made CoD do its own funeral in its own game lol

dragon girl /karaoke singer

Same story here but my dad married a Thai lady instead she cared of me so much and bought me stuff like shoes and other things she knew I would like . Really changed my life

Charlotte Chai-Charbonneau

2019 anyone?😂


I love this video

Saiyan MGTOW

Gotta be honest. I saw this thumbnail and it on trending and I clicked just to dislike. I thought the necklace and the fact that it was on trending meant it was likely trash. So I clicked, I disliked, then I listened. I've now liked and listened 20+ times.... Amaze.


Elsa: The last ice bender.


that mio could have gone to kids in Africa....

I seen how you did homeboy, so please take it easy (No, yeah)

jaime vazquez

nice vid 

Oscar Kokoszka

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Cock Norris

So dramatic 😁

Angel Espina

1:54 he jerks face bye da ways

RIParadise Nip ♡♡♡


cory has eyebrows hahaha


Paul richardson Jr Seattle seahawks

rooky fatboy

It should be people taking a test

Derpy Ducky Potato

K k k k k... So religeize or however you spell it.. Be like praze the Lord and stuff but yet they have the strickist rules! Like bru, God loves people nomader what. Like dude...

Jaxon Ray

Flour blows up, who knew?

ninja bird

he did delete all of them but one.


Did no one else notice that in his comment it says 500k and not 400k?

Sky Fox

Nice, nice.. you treat your employees well.. don’t forget the slave labour Starbucks exploits and everyone overlooks