Wreck-it Ralph - Gameplay Wii (Original Wii)

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What you are proud of

Syed Muhammad Umar

Stop flaunting your cuts and burns!

isha rashid

original w tjay go wayy harder tbh

Guava Juice Mini

In 2:33 both Cody and Coby do the same thing

João Guilherme B Correa

No one:

soi been


Jesus Hernández

She is Gregnant

And, we've literally learned in school that lightning strikes the same place MULTIPLE times!!!

Hacke R


Youmadbruv X

Bill gates: Am I a joke to you

Frank Goodman

He’s gonna do trash

ShadowDemon 77

Jason Vorhees


Nope, It is positive, i already saw that, i think there should be a baby or something, would be funny.

Craft Voyage

Very useful n helpful ty

Madalyn Lynch

U guys r so cool.

Infinite Zilla

4:58 the rage monster

I am Bananananana

Mom: why aren’t you like the other boys?

Isabelle Balou

how embarassing

Manuel Pappas

matt ryan

Adan Gonzalez

Chicken nugget 😋😋

L Petway

Panda has a stunt devil


Holy shit, i noticed the coffe cup and the beating heart...but i never saw the face untill now! Fuck me, thats creepy!



Maria Machuca

I'm really glad that Ethan is a good and supportive partner because I can only imagine how hard it is to give birth. My dad was an abusive pos so seeing this is very wholesome. Shout out to rad humans. 🙂❤


Wake island is in battlefield 1943 :D


Lee "leer más "

หนุ่ม' น้อย.

FC. Doy Thailand 🇹🇭

Lloyd Enrique Sanchez

Been waiting for this to come out !


is that big foot

Mishan Phiri

Mxm.... Team Coby

I haven't seen a single Bond movie except Goldeneye, so if there's more context that absolves these scenes, I'm all ears.


Man, this really does feel like it's borrowing a lot from Breath Of The Wild. Looks awesome so far.

Michelle Groenhuyzen

I read a lot of comments about 65 kg not being a lot of weight. But that depends on the height of a person. I was 90 kg at 12 but I was also around 175 cm tall. So I’m kinda expecting the person in the story to be around 150 cm tall. And I’m sure she looks great either way! I’m 18 y/o atm, 182 cm tall and I’m 90 kg because I lost 30 kg last year and I feel great about my body now!

Moist Madness

How about the twerking Hellknight?

Aimee Green

J.k Rowling vs. Mark Twain?

Dragan Nenadovic

Subskrajb to Mudja

Caleb scott

so cool and how did they learn so fast to this

Châu Thái

France win world cup

Venkat Charan

Super bro

Diego Macias

Rage monster not going to recess or too much homework

O Bro’s

Why does someone always say let's go, baby

Brayden Villasista

You should team up with Cam Newton from the Carolina Panthers.

Puyi Vang


Britney spears vs Christina Aguilera vs Pink.

Europeans are just as dumb as us... proven here RIP my guy

Alihan Bulat


Jaci Cardenas

If I got my own phone I would only use it to jam to Nirvana. Miss you Kurt! <3

Moon Games

But the doggos?

herbert norton

i like the vikings

Ani Oganesyan

I was no joke crying in the end because I also love to read love stories and these type of stories break my heart. I hope Sky is in a better place now and he will always stay on our hearts.