World largest electronic market | Shenzhen Chinas Silicon Valley

I went traveling, this time south to Shenzhen. This city is described as "the Tech Mecca of the World" and its more than true. If you like technology, this is the best video for you!SnarkyguyI made my own iPhone:me on instagram: ShanghaiVlogger

Anders Christensen

What happens if you pour liquid nitrogen on top of the burning magnesium?


"Look at all those chickens"

huuloc chau

Yay builder hall 9

I've been enjoying your videos over a week now... (Hold meh back bro!)

justin c

Fuck! Those donuts look good!


8:42 LMAO

Marion Gaming

Congrats 2019?

Everything AGR

0:11 GREAT JOB CHAD!!!!👍👍👏👏👏

xday coconut

naruto kun

Squish Warren

I didn't even notice that dude who caught lowry was patting him on the back until someone pointed it out, and I watched this video numerous times!!! hah hah That dude was the one who should have been more upset at lowry as lowry landed on him, but he was cool with it, made sure kyle was alright and straight and then patted him....props to that dude!


When u get exposed.. you wont play the same 🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️

jordan rowsky

I like the music

Madalyn Josoff

Team coby

Michael Nogaki

You guys should shave your beards


His other gurl looks like the human Ursula from Ariel 😅

Marie Fanboi

I'm kinda of a mix between the loud eater and Mr. Jumpy!

Missy Thicke

What did she at 2:30 am

Benilda Lawrence


Andrea Guzman

lol John cena Easter egg