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GuideBeauté Jeu

Yo recien dame corazon

Simply Gracie Mae

tell grayson i’ll be his son😂 but like frfr you’ll be my mom and he’ll be my dad!


manh Nguyen Tuan



I leaked this on my channel

Freesia Llamoso

The whole time I was yelling at my phone yelling at her "CAN I PLEASE HAVE YOUR HITS"

Unicorns Rule

Who else cried watching this

Evolution Xcellent

Tell me who panda is

Ted Alexander

I love you dude perfect


the music doesn't help either 😭😭

Carlee Leffel


sero hartounian

the chinese dude so stuipid man😂

Yahya Amoodi

For people who make jokes about that

Sprinkle Animation

When I heard Paul rud I screamed so loud my phone cracked.


It’s her fault

I couldn't find any

           \.''          ``..___                  ____..''          ``._/


ahhh, the ray-gun...

ESC Norway

Alvin: I'll make BIG Noodle Like You

Alex Llesol

7min ago

Weekly Ziana

My pe teacher walks in the girls bathroom and follows me everywhere to all my classes

Chase Schinella


Dmitry Sokolov

Mobile William Thell rather :D

Thomas Fontecha

That's cool how Koreans can make up an English names


Man I didn't believe at first but watching the 2 together...damn that looks real!



lmao at beginning xD Me: comes out as trans