What NOT To Say To An Actor

Directors, take note! We asked some of our favorite talented friends "What should you never say to an actor?" Not only did they all have amazing stories, but in the process they gave us some fantastic advice.Featuring:Bryan Forrest (VGHS, Deadliest Warrior)Gunn (5 Second Films, DBPM3)Murray (VGHS, Hickey)Wong (VGHS, RocketJump)Burch (HAWP, RocketJump)Owen (5 Second Films, DBPM3)Porterfield (VGHS, RocketJump)actors, more directors, and more tips coming in the not too distant future. (Including some more familiar faces... and some new ones!)Questions? Ask us DIRECTLY in the forums!thanks to RØDE Microphones! Check them out here:thanks to Vitec Videocom! Check them out here: about our sponsors and how they work? A video on that soon, but we have an open policy and can answer your questions directly on our forums: can also follow us on Facebook & Twitter:for watching! More videos at

Michał Różnowski

A love story between generations X any Y. Funny to have it noticed.

Max Minervini

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Tautai Aiono


Gladys Time

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kuljeet kaur

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Zach Boom

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Ashik kabeer

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Potato Queen

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princess chambie

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I'm Undecided

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Carter Compton

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Maddox Hollis

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Araab Trex

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Lumine Burst

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Adam Jasper

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Ly za

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Danielle Lockwood

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Badr M

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Tommy Vlogs


Pizza Boy

I actually found all these pretty cool not creepy I understand the meaning behind them though.

andreas kouniaides

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