What AMERICANS know of INDIA - The QUIZ | Shudh Desi Street Show - Ep 5 | Americans on India

In this Episode of Sabby On The Street, we take you to North America to find out how much do AMERICANS know about INDIA?? 🔴 SUBSCRIBE to SabbyBG Your Indian Abroad :- to the 5th Episode of Sabby On The Street Show, a show where Sabby travels abroad and get Global Perspective of Foreigners on India and anything Indian. Please continue to support us by watching, liking, Subscribing and SHARING our Videos if you enjoyed the content. FOLLOW ME ON: Instagram:- I USE:-Sony Camera: Laptop: Portable Mic: Mic: Software: WATCH: Best of SabbyBG : Channel:- BUSINESS INQUIRIES -- OfficialSabbyBG@gmail.comSUPPORT SabbyBG Your Indian Abroad by smashing that LIKE Button and Sharing the video with your social circle. 🔴 SUBSCRIBE to SabbyBG Your Indian Abroad :- go to the streets of North America and ask Americans 10 questions about India. You will be surprised.1. Where isIndia located as in which continent?2. Name one country that neighbors India?3. Name one Indian language?4. Name one Indian film industry?5. What is the capital of India?6. Name one Indian dish?7. Name one popular Indian Celebrity?8. What is the currency of India called?9. Can you list a few common Indian names?10. Who is the pm of India?#SabbyOnTheStreet #SabbyBGYourIndianAbroad

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Omg you did it!!! Ive been asking for sooo long!!!

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i wonder how you find the Easter eggs of the last game

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awesome edit keep it up!


About fuckin time

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Another great video! I find myself watching these now to see what snappy, clever finish you’d give it, and yet again I wasn’t disappointed. Good job, GooRoo!


Pretty cool easter eggs! Is Stranger Things your pick for the Golden Globes?

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it's your boy joey

favorite trick shot: longest throw and catch AMAZING!!!!!!

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