Wayne | Ep 9: "Thought We Was Friends" - YouTube

When things with both Del and his mom go south, Wayne turns this attention back to his dad’s Trans Am. But he has to contend with Calvin and Reggie to get it. Meanwhile, Del learns a secret about Wayne that changes everything for her.Available with YouTube Premium - To see if Premium is available in your country, click here:

Deno Perko

Ur great men great work

TheSuperStar 27

We love you Cory

lily girl

The previous title was not that bad it was ok

Barks_the_ Dino

Sad nigga hours😢


I really really like it, This represents me a lot and help me too, and the artwork is very helpful for eyes, thank you for this

Firas Ramadan

That footprint will stay there for ever this is amazing

Jacob Aiden

I think it was 17 bounces

Enyth Carson

I never expected Panda to lose his panda head

Don't talk to me I'm emo

I have all of them except suicidle thought...thank god

Aamir Majeed

If you can make a world record of trick shot than this should be nothing for you

red mercury

NO'MAM this is not what hospitals do when you cannot afford to pay them. hospitals take over finances when it comes to people who are dying. typically what hospitals will do is give their services free of charge when you have no money to pay them. NO DOCTOR is going to tell you that if you cant pay them, you might as well kiss your loved one goodbye. doing so would go against their oath. not just that, its simply not the way american hospitals do business. they help you regardless of your ability to pay them.

This is the name shown at the end of the video

pubg fan forever

Its outstanding



Jacob Pedersen

gonna watch it dudes

You like the trailer of the new star wars?


what is the song in the beging of the vid if anyone nos that would be great

hoangngoc food


Me: Wait, That's Illegal


The old Halo CE song. omg :3

Elisha McFarland

Ty looks so young!!!


Ah thats why why PewDie always plays Amnesia

Jud A. Jasmin

make a Nother video of trick shots just the vortex and seewho could throw it the farthest please I want to see you who throws up the furthest


you guys should do giant rings from the roof onto a pole . 3 ring tosses each


Halo 1: Best Campaign

ᴀɴɴɪᴇ ᴊɪᴀɴɢ

i wanna be a boy

Angelina Mai-Vuu

I just realised that I’m watching this when I’m sick

purple étoile

O h my god i have every one of these symptoms