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Hoi allemaal! Alweer mijn laatste stage dag! In de video vertelt Tamara wat zij de paarden voert, waar het vandaan komt en hoeveel dit kost! Ook laten we zien hoe het met Eefje gaat!Abonneer hier op mijn kanaal / Subscribe to my channel:SOCIAL MEDIA •Instagram: felinehoi• POSTADRES •AGE Network tav felinehoiPostbus 572261040 BC AmsterdamLove, FelineEditing software: sony vegas pro 10Camera's: canon powershot g7x - canon legria hf r46 - gopro hero 3+ - canon 600d 18-135mm lensHoi ik ben Feline, 21 jaar oud! Op mijn YouTube kanaal maak ik veel verschillende soorten video's over paarden, vaak samen met mijn eigen paard Marley die 9 jaar oud is! Zijn ras is onbekend maar we denken een fjord x lewitzer. Vooral veel vlogs, maar ook uitleg video's, DIY's, trainingen, wedstrijden, clinics en meer!___Hi my name is Feline, 21 years old. On my YouTube channel I make a lot of different video's about horses, and most of the time with my own horse Marley who is 9 years old. His breed is unknown but we think fjord x lewitzer. You can find vlogs, explanation video's, DIY's, training, competition, clinics and more!


“These jars of preserves will last one year.”

Farm boy Outdoors

Where'd you guys get those TNT pumps and is it even legal

Lesey Xoxo

Garrets hair though I’m 4 days of 2019

Kimberly Owens

subscribe to wyatt covey if you do I will subscribe to you

Maci & Jerzi’s Health and Fitness for Tweens

Double flip slider was my fav who else also subscribe to me


Do you guys ever reveal who is behind the panda bear mascot ???????

Loopy 1527

hes not playing fortnite hes playing Fifa 19

PJ Da Bomb

Haha he fell of the bike in the end!!

Jordi Kokkinakis

do tight end or qb edition

PMC_Dylanallen 78

Was that for OLP’s if so they are clearly winning gold

Cutler M



I wanna see sneaker shopping with Russell Westbrook


Thank you so much for presentation

Soren Pinetrack

Panda looks cute when he drives

Yorktown 2 Phoenix

i dont get recommended your videos

The Original Cat

This Video: I bullied my best friend into deppresion

J Bro

The one with Edward Scissorhands is sooooo good! Gave me major ASMR tingles. Also, it's not mentioned here but the scene in Alien (1979) where Harry Dean Stanton is searching for Jones the cat in that huge chamber with the water dripping and the chains clanging. OMG such tingles!

tapsidog tapsilog

is that DLO?

Evie & Kara

This happened to my mum 4 times 😭💔

Vishakha Singh

Dude perfect

👗 caring mom


@TheSuperJockStrap Please don't insult me... I'm a Saints fan.

Peter Han

why dont u guys ever do just simple basketball trick shots? I'm sure a lot of ur fans would like that. After all, we're all here for trick shots

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Never been more proud to be Purple Hoser Nat'

Daddy_yeeyee Hmph

I haven't even watched the video yet and I know what that dumb teacher did..

Manuel Rolon


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Imagine an Barney horror movie.....

Cartoon Minty

Pro Anna sounds disgusting...

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Fuck wad

Stijn Van der Wal


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just to get things straight the stormtrooper didn't forget to duck but the door didn't open all the way ;)

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Zara Dearborn ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I just love this artist 😍😍👌

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team coby for the win


i love these keep em up

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I actually started my own channel but it was not hard at all if anything I had 2k by one month

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U sure he isn’t a professional body builder too?

Lou Smith

Who else that one of the shots didn’t hit the crossbae

incognito burrito

why did i only realize now that the marbles in JennaMarbles is named after The Marbles

OPwolf barker

They should have called the fishing hole shot the fish and swish

lxvely marina



This game is crazy

Ollie Williams

What does unused Easter eggs even mean??

Haven Starflight

Sexuality isnt the same as politics or religion... It is literally who you love... This entire video is homophobic/transphobic... Just take it down already you are embaressing yourselves.

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How do you make every game you show look so good??

Cody Lord


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Where’s garret

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To be honest: what else? :D



Jefri Wahyudi


Mr Glass

More and more beautiful with every day

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make a video about Mr. Crab's net worth or the profit/revenue of the krusty krab

Fusion Mdwentz11


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If they call garret the purple hoser why don’t they call ty beard


Whos in the panda suit

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5:56 “a lot of the magic dripped on the ground” 😂😂😂