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Alexa Royal931

Mom hmm ilysm💛🥺🥰




lots of respect for these guys, but srsly ? they seem like the biggest v-neck douchebags ever


outrageous easter eggs aren't seen in video games today because all video games are now serious

Aidan Younger

do one with cam newton

Alexa Flaviano

Waittt manilaa😂😂


No cod is dead becuase of this

lokesh meena

You mostly use "The score" songs❤️❤️

Darkwolf 2211

I like how bijuu has green hair while young and everybody 8n the family has different coloured hair

Fishing with maddawg

Little red riding hood swisher

Zacky MC



Looks at comment. clicks (Show the comment)


Melody starts playing

Sorrow In A Can

lol the ending!

Goutam Rohit

Wow dp pleaseovertime video cool super cool

Juan Miranda

If your an og fan you would see what coby ment 1:25-1:28

Sierra Albrecht

Omg 😝 2018????

Matthew Wunderlin

i knew it was checkers

Tide Pods

I’m the mr.create a player, I max them out 99 ove

All Things Jadene

I don’t thing the doctor was rude and it’s mostly the kids that are underneath her saying that the doctor was you because of what the doctor said. Landon had the camera pointed directly at the doctor even after he told him to just record the sonogram. I feel like when doing a job like this you have to realize that not everybody is always going to want to be on camera so maybe if he had the camera pointed at Shyla to begin with then they would have different results maybe the doctor wouldn’t have said anything. A lot of people don’t understand what it is just holding up a camera and recording yourself because even now when I go to family functions or functions with my in-laws I have to either just record me or not record it all because a lot of people just don’t like being on camera especially when it’s going to go on the Internet for other people to see

Jason X

Fake shit

Sid Somebody

Nice music taste, Guru.

Kannon Dillabough

Oh yeah yeah

Eamonn Kelley



I recognize those clothing in the model in the beginning isn't it the traditional Khmer (another word for Cambodian stuff) outfit

NBD null

Fake story


is that thing even human

Fox Foxx

LOL dude was in another dimension!

Mr. Guiga

What movie is this?

Sir Joey of The White

I loved the 'The Witcher' easter egg :D


Hey funwithguru this is kevingame3 you should upload rayman legends.

Nabeel Antaki

guessed it before coby


G l a s s