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Teddiursa Yoshi216

This is basically a better version of face-off

Sarah Coniglio

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I’m crying right now. I experience this everyday and I can relate to this so much. Thank you for making this video. I am so glad that I’m not alone in experiencing this.

Creepy Kid

give me a warning befor you use your sexy voice. I nearly turned gay.

Dirty Donzo

the little sean thing will be our little secret


lol bucket on locust head & then a dude puts his ass in his face xD that locust had a very bad day

YugiohMaster YT

Who does griffin dub in one punch man

Pizza Playz

The thing is ... Ty probably didn't need to hit that frisbee it was a perfect toss ( in my opinion)

Mandy Solomon

Hershey park

Flying Hawaiian

On the trickshots why did Tyler, on his jersey, have tony on it

Yeet Meat

And I thought you woke up in a stranger's house.

Ryyan Levernoch

12 or so

Thomas Cleary

Liverpool fc

Khan Saad

DisclaimerNo spinners were hurt in the making of this video😂😂


He absolutely deserved that standing ovation ! Amazing!!!

Joe Sanchez

I want likes Yes

Terrick Eng

i thought it was anime at first

Jayant Rathi

Tyler dad


Omg ur guy looks like neo it's great


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I’m me !

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Giving birth is like taking a big pOoP ThAT COmES oUt the wrong End


Is anyone else getting annoyed by the Rob Mckenna your definitely not who you say you are commercial?

Flower Child


Dionte Marshall

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Stoopid_ GirlX

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