VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi

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Just Cool Studio

Panda dabs at 1:44

Little Rαм Chan

Apex Legend's Become Famous Because of that instagram Most liked EGG picture


#YIAYjob Writing jacks good videos

Archana Tewari

we can see garrete t shirt


Loved the video. Glad to see new easter eggs.


I knew Des Roc would get a spot in bl3 woooooo!!!!



Savages_yeah lol

What's a golfer's favourite beverage?TeeIf you don't get it, I'm talking about tea since they both sound similar.

Ian Murphy

I'm team coby


Why didn’t she just break up with him wth

Leila Shidane

Say ma name


The Crow Doctor

People who disliked this video are pessimists



LixTheEpic GamerPro

12:28 ummm I tested that easter egg and...IT DONT FUCKING WORD IDIOT! 62 hours of fucking nothing!

cristina munoz

I’m now 12 weeks pregnant 😩 and I’m so scared to give birth. My whole pregnancy was just crazy because Doctors told me I wouldn’t be able to have kids and since I never planned to have kids I didn’t worry. Now I’m 27 years old and pregnant and never would’ve thought I was going to be a mom ever. It’s still a lot of mix emotions but this video made me feel scared and happy ♥️

Queencool45 AJ

The Amazing World of Gumball joke made me laugh the first time I seen it lawl

[confused screaming]

blumando7 7

Keanu Reeves bringing back that early 90's, "Point Break" bad boy sex appeal but as a cartoon HAHA!!! The animation in these games are just incredible.


@angelsrockify It is so funny how you both have thumps up. lol. anyways. i agree, they are not going pro lol.

Corey Mccall

Dong shaped monster discovered!

Sam Kim

Oh yea yea


I love your vids

ramey swofford

1:10 best shot ive ever seen

indigokid jjj2

What's the music it's bouncing

Pibito al pedo

Hey guru, what do youn prefer more, movies or video games?

Chloe Anderson


Ben Murphy

At 1:13, Same golf course as in All Sports Golf Battle 2

NotKylie YᎢ

Melody Evans

Alice: He's not gay! Then later notices she loses her hair because of chemotherapy


"...But there's EVIL WITHIN, too."

Michael Vaughan

What if you fly directly under the UFO #2 will it "beam you up" in its light?

Ugly Depressi0n

Guru i love your Videos ❤ pls never stop Youtube!!


i was a chairlift struggler xD :D


the eagle isnt as cool as the wolf

Jarod Tang

Logic: men has big pocket I’m still being raised and my parents don’t spend much time with me, either they are busy with work or having their own time...


this kid is so good. “i hop in foreigns for my boys that took a ride in that hurst”🤞🏽🔥