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Jesus Tijerina

there probably isnt any more stuffed animals at the basketball game in the carnivals they go to XD

Anthony Scifres

tyler going towin

others: don't accept them for their garbage and harmful opinions

Magdalena B

i love these comments


Bailey Windham

grayson’s essay slapped

Junior Bird

Nice video man!

Video Televizyonu

Where buy?

Austin Z

Is this jaiden

claudia romero

the chargers

Neon, Naruto And Sasuke Ninja's VS Gods



lmfao 2:35 the folding chair

KayKayVlogzz [Yolo]

This is not real when I went to pocono and asked him he said no

Rad Away

2 things:

Gacha Girl

These parents failed the test of love

Truth Knight

Seriously when will these annoying speech meme comments on YouTube stop. It's already fucking boring.

payo kraus

ball was already out and he dived and crashed over few people slam a lady make her head shake so bad and he got a little push ….

mishy milk

This is thai so am i


So fake. Gravity and all of physics melted away for the chuckEcheese bball guy

Patrick Mercer

this was the first dude perfect video i ever watching it again feels soooo weird XD



I'm a man that doesn't do gaming because i'm too lazy to do it

rodney compton

Why am I watching in August

OmG i FaRtEd AnD iT sHaKeD ThE tAbLe

Suchitra More

It's high to low and low to high

greg richards

now I hate fast food even more.


please talk more love your voice (as i previously stated in your q&a)

AC360 Realty

Go PANDA 🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All of us weird peeps

OML like if you would be more scared if this happened to you

Mikey Mendoza

Visita mi canal de youtube suscríbirte y apoya. Dios te bendiga y multiplique tus vienes y sane tus enfermedades.

Gottlieb Elend

Sorry, can't read it due to your stupidity.



Kevin Lee

Plz keep up with 3ds games too !

Hendrik Torres

5:44 trees in background spell fly

Macario Sampo

Where is the green ranger?

Nick Kosmitis

What a time learning about are obisoft new games, at

Not OP

Yes he will

Misty Peaks

This is how many people are using the meme format now:👇

wylliam guillou

In search bar "google gravity"

Tim Brubakken

Jonathan Toews

Dewi Ison

jago bagat macin ikan hiu