Vardan Urumyan & Hovik Baghdasaryan - SIGARON

Վարդան Ուռումյան և Հովիկ Բաղդասարյան - Սիգարոն | Вардан Урумян и Овик Багдасарян - СигаронSubscribe - contact: +79167421616Music & Lyrics: Vardan UrumyanArrangement: Karen SirakanyanMix & Mastering: Karen AraqelyanVideo & Editing: Gasoyan ProductionFollow Me.***********VKontakteProfilePageOfficialWho Re upload The Song or the Music Video will be removed from YouTube on Copyright Claim Charges.Thank You For Your CooperationCreated & Authorized Hovik Baghdasaryan Singer© All Rights Reserved#hovik #baghdasaryan #hovikbaghdasaryan #vardan #urumyan #sigaron #vardanurumyan

Fluffy Boi

Can she be my therapist pls

Saran Ramachandran

Tyler is sweating af

Romina Rivarola

bro just be a youtuber

Hayder gamer

Who is watching this video in April 2019

Slime Monster 379

U know many ppl want to be as confident as u!!! And dats beautiful.

Bowling stereotypes



Mario Hiccup Witwicky

Elsa just saw a blue horse on parade. ;)

Anna Marie

I think i have bpd

Funtime freddy on crak


deadpool hd

Did you let the sharks in the water after catcg them


skies is so fine 😍

John Damo

I like NIKE

People: no one cares

Paulie the CreepyElf

Is Garrett a Red Sox fan!!??

Nicko Miranda

Omg through the high maintenance Easter egg all I can hear is a zombie freaking out

Aanila Khan

Bahhh I’m lucky I’m Muslim cos if your Muslim you can’t drink and everyone is Muslim in my family and I’m lucky even though we can’t do many things but at least I’m safe and many kids are safe too...

I don't got time for lies and jokes


1:27 James harden brother?

Sellena Seegobin

it looks like you are really old


Fun Fact: This is the shortest Dude Perfect Battles That they ever did

Estonia is the best

4:38 every Mr. Beast video ever

Dope gamer

This is so helpful

Soheil K

7:00 it was at that moment hitman knew he fucked up

boonk gangg

F for our fallen soldier buddy

Cody D

Is this fake? No.Was there multiple attempts at this? Most likely.

meshu Desai

Coby is best

Neilah Rose

Nate and I have the same tased

Gaming Boy

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Brigham Stone

Pretty obvious that Johnny Manziel was drafted

Austin Gaming 12

Cody you are bad luck at this arcade game

I’ve told my mom about the guilt

Reese's Candy Bar(GD N00b)

I'm the noob...I don't know how to fish yet despite my age

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Khiêm Ng.

Every game should have Doge mode on on defaut

Null Nullion

I don't remember that mission from Black Ops....

Ayden Mcgonigal

Bunny showing personality beyond shyness makes me so happy.

Carol Smith

The deer

He got fired and was sued also


Jimmy: gets out daredevil’s mask

Deformed_Alien RBLX

Cody’s is like 6,5

Emmett McCarthy élève

fine i admit it i cried!!! >:(

Road Hog

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Sweet shots.


Paola Sanchez

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The Gaming Guy

Fly to Abu Dhabi for no reason. You have to get on an airplane to Abu Dhabi, get out of the plane when it reaches Abu Dhabi, get out of security, take one step out of the airport and then get back. That's the unfortunate thing you should add. It is just like Fly to Wisconson for no reason.

Pink Potato


Marcus Juhan Caguimbal

Im putting the song its the best day ever in this video

Alex Animations


Mr. Logic

African propaganda. Most girls who don't go to school are usually teen moms. Which is bad, but at Africa nobody care where the money comes from. Were starving. Do you think we have time for this?

Pedro Moreno


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Username Taken

10 minutes 10 easter eggs

Paimon's Quill

@rikkib1997 Its call cutting and editing to make things look better.

Raman singh

How many times you failed for one perfect shot