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Anna Packmohr

I dont get the Android and iPhone one

1. Toki ni migakarete kagayaku watakushi o sekai ga matteru no

C u p C a k e z

Why can i relate so much, on the internet i get to be who I really am, but my parents say “it’s a waist of time” and sometimes...

Garrett Eldred

23 or 24


Max Payne is a third-person shooter, not an open world game. You can't call it 'shit' because it's in a different category to Grand Theft Auto, it's a bit like saying the coffee is shit because it's not soda. Max Payne is good in its own way, just like GTA is in its own way. There is nothing wrong with the categories of either games.

👆👆This is song is made by an army 💗💗💗 to bts


This is so good


Oh wooosh, I been called worst....

My theory is that the Gerudo Link was corrupted over the years. They were using him to hold back the malice(we seen in BoTW that Sheikah tech can't do that itself), but between the sprite of the hero being reborn in another and all that time, he got corrupted and became a monster. It also explains why the current Link was far too weak to fight Gannon the first time around. The sprite orbs from the shines aren't giving Link anything, they are returning what the Sheikah took.

LPS Angel wing

Don’t let a girl stay in your house just let the girl leave what the girl wants

Leaves the girl

Coal 2006



+FunWithGuru notice me senpai

Chene Dagting

oooo another song like “let it go” that could possibly be another academy award for best original song 👀👀 1:20

Shorty tell me I'm the same

Rannie Andres

Why is ty brode and cory cody are doing all the trickshots this isnt battle anymore

1) John Wick

enio masha


Jose Gonzalez

The one that has red

olivia robbins

God bless everyone in Africa


The guy with the beard sold me



coby realy stink at battlesok

Haroon Abid

I like dude perfect they are cool

Tsedev Tseren

me too :)


Outback isnt a thing in australia and I’ve never had any of the items they had LMAOO

Attack of the Clones 10/10 ( jar jar binks talks less jango fett and count dooku are awesome )


you can also find rapture records in the warden's office when elizabeth summoned you into the future

Dan veck

Tomb raider

Sean Shogun

aaaaaaaaaaa ddiiiiiirrreeeeeeccctttt ssseeeeqqqquuuuuaaallllllll

Sea Hawks

Grey T-Shirt sweat on deck... =)~

ocean potato

6:29 not relateable

A Randall

Why the hell would you still trust your dad after that tho

Coco Loco


Johann Gambolputty

Hey, Guru! Are you planning on doing something special for the 100th episode? Awesome video btw, as always

Leeann hell yeah man

Just for one life. I m crazier than you

30 lives by Imagine Dragons is about a man's battle with cancer and it's really good. God bless Imagine Dragons

Cheddar Offical

but you died at 1978

Emerie Greenjack

He said 1000 and 100


I wish you did one for the all the suits (including from DLCs). There’s no source for most of them and I would appreciate it.

Chris World

Aren’t all your trick shots in real life

while a wireless, signal. is being beam at the top of head.

nairah malik

hi asher


The Fatal Frame 2 one was clever. On old TV's before HD flat screens, a still image could burn into the screen if left for too long and permanently damage your TV, so the developers had a little fun with that fact.

Angela Coria

This is the saddest thing I have ever watched 😞😣

-Who made a hole in this desk?! anyway hows your bosses head and neck?

Raees Khan

What is your country