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Check out the new trailer for Under the Eiffel Tower starring Matt Walsh! Let us know what you think in the comments below.► Buy Tickets to Under the Eiffel Tower: to be notified of all the latest indie movies? Subscribe to the channel and click the bell icon to stay up to date.US Release Date: February 8, 2019Starring: Matt Walsh, Judith Godrèche, Reid ScottDirected By: Archie Borders Synopsis: Stuart is a having a mid-life crisis. Desperate for something more in life, he tags along on his best friend's family vacation to Paris - then proposes to his friend's 24-year-old daughter, Rosalind, while standing under the Eiffel Tower.Watch More:► New Indie Trailers: Indie Movie Guide: Comedy Trailers: Your Movie Obsession: ► Subscribe to INDIE: Watch Movieclips ORIGINALS: Like us on FACEBOOK: ► Follow us on TWITTER: Follow us on INSTAGRAM: MOVIECLIPS INDIE channel is the destination for all things related to indie, foreign, and documentary films. Subscribe to keep up with the latest festival news, art house openings, film reviews, and more.

Nosidda Gn

Classic Boobs in the thumbnail

Enoch Toledo

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The code in the AC easter eggs, isn't that a reference to the date of death of Desmond Miles ? 12/21/12 -> 21 December 2012

lord marion

Good vid once againn !!

Tracy Porter

I love watching your vids


Look at the glisten in Coby's eyes. This is a time before he was broken by the battles. Team Coby! 4 life


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Btw my friends keep telling me I’m too skinny, but Ik it’s not true, lol 😂

Gottlieb Elend

Sorry, big man. Why don't you and that other guy learn grammar together, it can't be that harder than trains and lorries. Especially if you are a fan of such mature games as Call of Duty series)

Steele Goodman

0:34 just for no reason have nerf guns in the woods

Ziah Santos Antonio

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Nolan's Videos


General Zeave

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Rhino_ops Airsoft

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Bridget Lorraine

Lol was Jen taking cold/cough medicine during this? She seems in such a silly mood

Reaper Sonic

Ok so you have a child then marriage?????