Undercover Kids 2004 Full Movie

Starring London Smith and Priscilla Smith as Nelson and Nicole respectively, this cinematic masterpiece is a triumph of the ages that no doubt survives in thousands of buried time capsules around the world. Such is the gravity of this generation-defining film that, as the audience weeps in its presence, it brings us closer to that hidden self within all of us that so many of us keep in the shadows. With a mere glance into its abyss, one's soul is reflected and laid bare to an extent that is rarely noted among low budget children's films of the modern era.

Rocco Morelli

that katana is insanely sharp


Buying the Season Pass.




Big Oof

Nope glad I don’t have depression because I already have panic disorder and sleep paralysis soo I


Woah! Upload after upload man! You're not losing sleep are ya?

Andrew Matanmi

I am confused

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Panda forever


my question is why do they have a basketball court on a football field?

Tracy Zee

I don't get cramps ._.

Natalie Brakefield least she’s not pregnant

Me: faints

Now look at 2019

Jazzy & Emmy

OMG this is exactly the age and thing that happened to me except I didn't move in with my dad

Supreme_Bree bitch

Back in the day So ya! That’s the time I met a pedophile!

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This is so sad I feel bad for you

S.A.B. Solaiman Ali

The music goes really well with this video. I mean it was kind of in sync with their trick shots. Who else agrees?

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Who watching this in 2017?