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Charlotte X Moon


Dat Dude

Hey Guru as awlays a great ending! Love it man

Aprillia-sr50r -

can you tell us pls more about bf 1 or this topic?


cool vid guys

melandri 385

Call of duty warfare 3

The Fall Festival

Chris Gaming

Bijuu Mike DanTDM is not your twin brother


If he is really a god, he must have died by now.

آايــو୭ الـتـڪـريتيه


Cause I'll be knocked out.

Omi lopi

Im never disappointed by your videos they are always great

David Castro

my beer can do that... hold me

Isaiah Brown

I like the sling shot shot

Chris Bradley

Wanh!I want that button!

Luisito Alexander


Rasheedah Menzie

@minutevideos how do I write a story to you guys?

Paola López

March 27, 2015 was the day I lost my baby boy. It killed me, but from the grief you gotta keep going.

Ashley Haley

film in Hawii

Theo Therock

Ty is à god driver

Emir Kartajumena

ME:OoOOhHh YoU LiVe Da WoOdS

cyndi dye



How did you come up with the name GuruKid/FunWithGuru?

Marta Wiśniewska

I have allergies to some foods like some type of sweets or foods that have unhealthy ingredients and also perfume and deodorant in a spray form or some strong type of smell plus I'm also allergic to dust. Whenever my year has PE we go change in the changing room from our PE clothes to our normal clothes and we don't have enough time to shower so my classmates put on soooooo much deodorant and they spray it all around themselves and also even some girls that aren't allergic say that they can taste the deodorant and tell them to stop spraying so much but they don't care, even teachers told them to stop ,and there I am crying from the allergic reaction helpless. I know I could change in the bathroom but it's disgusting there the floors, the wall, the toilet is all dirty uhh no thank you and I'm also a neat and clean person so yeah bathroom, not an option.

Jon Jon padron


TahirToo Saucy

Let’s build that wall to keep all the illegal fishes away

Toby the Tram Engine


Jamie Gaspard



7:49 Gurukid's Groceries

Ike Pyron

They were probably editing this vid crying of happiness...

Niels Henning

1:39 1000 calorie coockies geez

Santi g

Que hijos de puta estan forrados de gita estos gringos

Well Then

I thought he said he was gay

cherie Tai

why coby's dad isn't here ?

Christopher Kim

Wow, It's actually sad.

Matthew Woodcock

Looks terrible

Dante D

who else in 2019