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A couple (Peter Dinklage, Aidy Bryant) takes their friends (Vanessa Bayer, Beck Bennett) to a restaurant set in a former sex parlor.Subscribe to SNL: Current Full Episodes: Past SNL Seasons: Google Play - - SNL Social -SNL Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: Pinterest: 

Spiffy Turtle

He's risking his career

Emily Ly

The whole video is me. Ecpect i still have some minor breakdowns

Petalic TM

The illustraiter is thai

The Random Squad

2209 any one

Elakai Anela

At that moment the Panda knew he fucked up....... When you go to an all boys school and you find out you cannot get a girlfriend.....

K.A.P. !


Jackson Da boss

Are you sure this is dude perfect?! XDBless their heartsEven as my name tag “savage” I’m not being right now


Nah nipsey im going to nip

Hope this helped!

Funny :D

Me: Huh? thanks...


pause at 2:36 i think Ty hurt his wrist i can see blood on the ramp there hope he is ok after that

Vittamin D

This hook is deep.

Intertechnical gaming


Jake Coppola

Going to take about three hours or more to clean that freaking room that Tyler destroyed

Victor XD proo

2:24 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

ẇȏȗʟԀṅ'ṭ ṭһȏȗ To live deliciously?

Apex legends is better, prove me wrong.

EnderMiner 21

2:12 Wait what!? I missed it x.x

huyme provi

hello 2018

تقي الدين gamer ألعاب في رمضان

Hi clash of clans im is player town hall 9 ineed village town hall 11 to record in youtube please


1:41They are ready for the Three for the show 4:38

Jennifer Hemmingway

What’s the story plot? Anna and Elsa’s parents are alive? Is there a threat? Other people with powers like Elsa?

1000 subscribers without video !

When you are early and don't know what to comment

Thisara Disanayaka

WOW ! DUDE PERFECT is all pErfectors !! nice mates,,u guys ROCk !!!

Scandi Snowgirl

Also, the fact that Link likes the center of the brownie best instead of the awesome crunchy edges just proves that he is in fact, a psycho

0.22 saying that the next videos title will be John getting hurt next

P aul

Your videos are awesome, keep it up!

Unicorn Usalis



good job guys


When Guru showed #1, you all knew what was coming :)

Calvin Danielson

dp will never fall apart! i now you wont fall apart!

Richard Shell

I thought that was coach k at first