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On the road of life there are old friends, new friends, and stories that change you.

Camo Thunder

Who else wants a pogo stick for Christmas this year?Like if you want one👍

Christina Waters

I would legit kill myself

David Arents

Let's Go Packers

Jabba the Hutch

Everything was beautiful except the Wookies? Like what was that thing?




Is the stuff that you break and throw around for the rage monster new stuff or older things

Brian Cloutier

Nobody:Disney: Hey what if we made Elsa an Avenger?

Sarah Majidi

4:25 haunts me...

the Nameless97

I predict that white hand is the toilet hand in Majora’s Mask or Skyward Sword and never got its paper

Random gacha editor and animator

Don't look into the comment's it will spoil the video

Emanuel Martinez Martinez

Jajajaj son increíbles men's

KinG Rouge



Anybody watching in 2017?

Alex Aleman


Bully: See's a knife

Jack Luhta

North Carolina for the win

colton b


Miku Saba Chanel

If type "Do The harlem Shake" Or "harlem shake" you get a easter egg

Andrea Monique Mondero

Pour bijuu😢😢😢

Joe McBride

excuse you cody

Nik Stalker

Wow... They are so happy about their life situations while people are whining because their Xbox is broken? Wow, that just makes me be happy because i have a house and a family and food... and all the stuff you need to survive... i mean... they are happy that they get to go to school everyday and most kids cry when they dont even want to go to school because they are lazy... and i understand those kids happiness because they have never been more happy. There are even spoiled kids that are not happy with their lives. They have a 3 story house, and bunch of computers, and other electronics. It just breaks my heart when kids dont even know whats happening around them. When they whine about something, every adult should tell them that they should be happy with what they have got because there are starving kids out there, also homeless, so they should not complain that their lives are bad. I mean, you have got to start asking yourself, do you want to be in this situation? What would i do if i was that kid homeless on the sidewalk? And yes, i took the time to write this because i actually care about kids in Africa. I care about myself and what im doing and what is around me, but seriously, im trying to make a point here. If you are a kid/adult who is selfish, or rude, you should really start rethinking your life and start thinking about what you would do if you werent born under a roof, if you werent born without a parent being there. So please, for peters sakes, once in your life think about people around you. Im honestly happy with what ive got and you should be, too. Now, i do not know what people were thinking when they hit the dislike button. They should think about their lives being re done.

Dylan’s Mini beasts


omg ! not eyes any more ! ⭕️😱😱

”I stalked him for a while”

Venice Tan

i like your vids I love you guys

Yasie Kajalika

I'm 10 years old and I have my expensive phone

Kythel Football

Panda Kia

Wavy Jon

Kawhi will not stop KD no one can, only hope to contain him

Brookelyn Johnson

Wasn’t there a book about this?

Flippy Musa

HL2 Guest this chapter

Professor Wizard

Lol Chris Is So Funny Lol

pragati sharma

I love panda

Rebecca Roberts



All of this because of the hospital...

Chris Font

We have to keep praying for NF ppl so he can continue being used by God and continue to do what no other rapper wants to do to really inspire ppl the right way... all his songs are 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Me: ofc you do he’s your dad!?!?

Evak Alt er Love

Cringey af