Top 9 Most Powerful Versions of King Ghidorah! / KOTM SPOILERS / Ranking Ghidorah Species - YouTube

With Godzilla King of the Monsters finally in theaters, its time to take a look at King Ghidorah from all of the films to see where they rank, and who is the top of the ghidorah species!Music:Ross Bugden - Music♩♫ Intense and Upbeat Electronic Trailer Music ♪♬ - Black Heat (Copyright and Royalty Free)MusicFuturistic Sci-fi Electronic Background Music - Solid State Sound And VisionRoyalty Free MusicBrooding Ben - Synthwave - Royalty Free MusicRoyalty Free MusicEdge of Tomorrow - Synthwave - Royalty Free MusicRoyalty Free MusicWaypoint D -- Suspense/Action/Background -- Royalty Free Music


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Super Gamer

Best part of dp Coby wins his first battle witch takes place in 2017

Maha Saif

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Thank you for the jumpscare warning. Lol love your videos!!

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That lex Luther comic Easter egg is brilliant 👌🏼

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Waiting for MatPat (The Film Theory)'s Theory lmao

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Armor look to green and cartoony than the original. Halo 3 did better

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Moral da história: vc vai errar mil vezes, mas as vezes que acertar serão as que vão fazer tudo valer a pena.

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