TOP 10 Tips for Beginner Boulderers

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check out dudeofbasketball channel

Chandureddy Surakanti

Bro I have

Sevim Turkoglu

2018? $99999var

Money Twon

I'm not trying to rush you but Minions Easter eggs And Inside Out Easter eggs.

a stupid genius

What game was No.1?


this video got a lot of views

roblox noob

Do you want all the money in the world?

austin aughtry

Craig xen has blew up big💯💯💯


Desycronized: Easter eggs did not exist

Jacob Skyring


Yellow leather

Meghdeep Roy

Why does only Tyler do it

Jack Warne

I'm pretty sure the mans face on the rock is Jesse from Breaking Bad

Ava Girl

Tyler-not coolCory-not coolCody-coolCoby-coolGarret-cool

She kicked him out April 14, 2019 Sunday Night 19:22/7:22 P.M.


1:26 - 1:30 WTF Nathan drake can levitate?? TWICE? (look his legs when he's about to jump)

Amit Kumar

Dude this game is perfect

Tarik Uske

Sorry but its fake


Wow no talks with Kawhi because they were charging his batteries in the back

Owen Gold

Dynomax a Kyorge.

cece for ever

8ys old : has phone


Coby you can do it!

But it is not true and we all know that. His jab was fantastic all night

cj olejnik

If I was the smuggler, I would smuggle in some grilled cheese sandwiches, lots of chocolate, mega sized popcorn and drinks, chips and a little of Mcdonalds.

Subba Raju Penmetsa

Ty wins


I love this game so much! Got the platinum, 100% everything and I still just cant stop playing and wandering around. It's just amazing!

Tanya Damahe

This man makes me cry every friggin time i watch his video


The best video/moment of 2016 (and maybe DP history full stop) HAS to be Cody one-shot-swishing the blindfold hook shot in the World Record Edition. C'mon like, that was just absolutely unreal.Edit and Spoiler Alert : the only thing that has maybe topped that for best moment in DP history, is Coby's magnificent sumo victory, but that was this year, so Codys hook shot still tops 2016 for me