Top 10 Awkward Interviews on Graham Norton

Subscribe: cringe comments to the drunk and disorderly. For this list, we're counting down the most awkward, cringe, embarrassing and funniest interview moments on the BBC's "Graham Norton Show". As a host who's seen it all before, there's little that can phase Graham... but these moments left even Norton lost for words. Featuring Johnny Depp, Taylor Swift, Noel Gallagher, Sinead O'Connor, Mark Wahlberg and more.#10. Johnny Depp#9. Richard Gere & Taylor Swift#8. Cara Delevingne#7. Alan Sugar & Pamela Stephenson#6. Whoopi Goldberg#5. Mickey Rourke#4. Noel Gallagher#3, #2, #1: ???Check out these other brilliantly British videos from WMUK:Top 10 Celebs Who Ruined Their Careers with One Interview - 10 Funniest Graham Norton Interviews - thanks to our user ashjbow for submitting the idea on our interactive suggestion tool: out "The Graham Norton Show" here!out "BBC" here!out "BBC Studios" here!#TaylorSwift #JohnnyDepp

JudiAD Daaji

maybe do school or birthday or halloween stereotypes

Ritzzal Rosli

Zeus is displeased


taking place obviously during "Rogue One" because Saw Gerrera is still alive....

Péter Bordi

shit! That was scary

Gina Rose

i can't stop looking at the panda

Bryce Ramos

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Septic Eye_3

Why can I relate to this?

Nick Vierra

All but the rage ones

Faris Vlogs



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“W h e r e i s m y l a s a g n a ,

Mr Fail

Ninja warriors



Hey FunWithGuru, you missed one dino, it in a rock and you can only see the head of the dino. jen: sips coffee

"OH I KNOW!!!"

Nancy Torres

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Conn Vlogs


Citizen 1

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Impossible Gamer

15:55 at first I thought that he was Dantdm

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Brody Proffitt

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(The only reason I know her story is because we both take TAG, the Talented and Gifted program. The teacher didn’t want us to question her past and not talk of it, so she told us.)

The Rebel Dottie

Best easter eggs in a while



Bob rob

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It's not fake.Just admit that he has mad skills!

Conall Gorman

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Wubby Wubbster

Golden glove

Hyper Blazer

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Angelo Pelaez

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This channel’s insanely amazing. The art, the voices, the stories, all of it I love it. Mature Storybooth.

Eunice Hwang


Actors: am i joke to u?

Amy Jordan

his name is Camra


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SMR TimTim

homophobe: doesn't accept others

Clint Harr

Gianna F.

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Carolina Lowchinovscy

that damn mother! let the poor kid go to school

Rolls Reus

I really felt like guru when I knew the goku and kale reference back then by myself haha

Pro Gamerz

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Darion Logan

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do a rodgers edition


Dying Light again!

Pickle Juice

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i wonder if there's a rule against pandas. I'd understand why

conner stoneman

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