The TRUTH about HOW TO OPEN a LOCK with a NUT wrench!

Here is an weird way to open a pad lock with a pair of wrenches. I was not sure if this actually worked so I tried it out. If you ever get in a situation where you have to break a padlock a set of wrenches may work.Please follow me on Instagram and Facebook @YakMotley and Twitter @jackmotleylive!

Amanda Blayne


Angshuman Sarmah

What a shocking ending!You will get it if you read the description!


I have OCD. It triggers whenever I make some kind of mistake. I always think that my friend is way better than me, and that I don't deserve to know her.


For the gas putting out the candle it works better if you don’t try to pour the gas into another glass before pouring it on the flame

M Gam3r

Missed the high five but can bowl backwards?!?!?!?!?😂😂😂


I seriously just love these guys, they're hilarious and always make my day. I love Tyler so much, he's never failed to make me laugh.

catherine 6l

Girl you have cancer and you worry about your hair!! You could have died !!!


Whoever produced this (probably Kody) is fucking killing it

the queen112

OMG gurrrrrl im also from russia but now i live in Cyprus


Bhur got rap chops.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


I was in the hospital once getting chemo and they brought me an empty plate for lunch.

Lucas Mesquita

Empire state building

Moni uni glitter pop

Be healthy

Саша Тягунов

Gta 5 the best , am Russian =)

Animated Stories has left the chat

steph m

i couldn't even hit these shots on wii sports


I can't believe how much I relate to this video...

veronica m

My uncle was in icu but now he is better

Sierra Levine

At least blur the doctors face


Leslie Pichardo

Love from the Dominican Republic

Rico.Justin.Bieber Fan

This happens normaly only in GTA IV.....

Carter S Norton

Who else March 2019???


Nope, not going to watch this one.

Communist International & Co.

That guy was lucky to have a girl like that, but he completely ruined it.


She doesn't

Jack Zvejnieks

Brody should join dp like if u agree


tbh i'm about to lose hope and give up on the remastered, here comes the announcement. i have no words. this is my childhood and my very first FF. i'm really happy it receives the attention it deserves <3

Keegan Pausma

Do more water jousting

Sr Pelo

I have anxiety itching

Danny Simion

Whilst not the most high rated of the series, it still set its own bars and damn - that opening! The best of the series! One of Nobuo’s epic composition!

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Fuppy Ko

spam 1:43

Christian_bot 3000

That was eggulishs

Van - Rod Lafortune

That crossbar hit seemed impossible, idk how these guys do it 😐


That woman is so STUPID!!!