The Short Story of a Fox and a Mouse - ESMA 2015

Discover more ESMA animation movies by subscribing:écouvrez encore plus de films d’animation de l'ESMA en vous abonnant: dans une plaine enneigée, un renard pourchasse une souris, lorsque deux hiboux vont entrer dans la course un lien va se tisser.A lonesome fox hunts a mouse and their relationship will evolve as two owls interfere with the hunt.Réalisateurs / Directors : Camille CHAIX, Hugo JEAN, Juliette JOURDAN, Marie PILLIER, Kevin ROGERMusic : Clément OSMONT, Olivier DEFRADATVoices : -Sound : José Vicente & Yoann Poncet – Studio des aviateursFilm d'animation réalisé dans le cadre de la formation cinéma d'animation 3D de l'école ESMA (promo 2015).© ESMA - Ecole Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques

Awesome But Just a Gamer

did he ever pay back his dad for that loan


Who an December 2018

Melly Indriyanthi

your family is so nice

Houston Jones

I got a signed poster from the merch.

Razvan Maciuc



And, Mario is wearing a coin on his necklace

Goutam menon


Jennifer Antrobus

Dude perfect i love you so much i want to see you in real life

Thabang Tseboho

Tiny whisk is the true star of this show.

Pa Yang

What’s a sumo wrestler???

Lil Ambivert

Just don't nuke colrado please

Me: gets the whole comment section

Kayron Porter

batman was for next game aka arkham knight


damn,that bitch break in it

Solomon Cortez

This is how it feels to walk to the park with my brother

Aditya Chopra

Why are they trying to make this like it's the culmination of 22 movies. Like stfu

From Philippines hope someday many people know me😭😭


I bet star wars episode VII is gonna be crapy

Pernell Adams

I honestly just watch the dub because I’m too lazy to read the subtitles

He’s clearly offbeat and the whole thing just sounds like crap

clack cloock

let's play our secret game

William Wentz

1:34 the rage monster

Hassan Younis

D p vs psg top 5

Trick Shots

24 bounces