The French are so rude! Or are they?

Subscribe to France 24 now:24 live news stream: all the latest news 24/724 brings you its brand new monthly show, French Connections Plus. In this first episode, Florence Villeminot and Genie Godula explore the ins and outs of French etiquette: why is it that French people have the reputation of being so rude when there are so many rules governing how to behave? Is it all just a big misunderstanding? They share tips for how to rub French people up the right way and get a lesson in table manners from etiquette coach Countess Marie de Tilly.our website:to our YouTube channel:us on Facebook:us on Twitter:

no robot

sh*t... i am the worst no sayer in history

Blitzball pitches channel

do a 1v 1 blitzball tornement battle

Ibrahim Ahmed

This one was for KD ; curry clutched for KD ,RESPECT🙏🙏


They be hittin dem notes dog

LIL Twigdropper

This guys just so awesome at seeing the unseen.


A Simple Godzilla Fan

But wat if Gordon iz not kill?


0:45Cody In The Background

Her giggling at 20:06 is the cutest thing everrrrr

Nathan White

I heard the song playing on the radio the first time I played


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Europe Pdl

Giant Gun Trick. Boom it!

Beener Mario

may you please put your videos on 720p because my computer runs slow on 72060p

Why? Why would you not accept it? You don’t have to do anything like it or anything, they’re humans, you’re human, everyone’s gonna die one way or another who cares

Ishwarlal Parmani





Please make it into a series - this is great! :D

luna a

MOUSEHUNT!!!! now that’s a classic

Mr. ON

I feel like a real dummy for not noticing the Baby Driver easter egg.

Marscia Martinez-Mendoza


idan dav

at least they dont hug each other like these kids..

Sawyer Briggs

What is the NBA?

jooladit janda

I like you so much dude!!

Sajaad Salaam


Aim rock eater yt

I knew it was. Checkers

Taylor’s Show

I mean you’re kind of a brat about being mean to your grandparents

Christopher Wilkins

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Luis Larios



The Bread Scientist

Why does the bald guy look like Michael Bradley?

And I'm straight

Danielle Brink

Because I am a Vikings fan


whoa, and I thought I knew all the easter eggs in Counter Strike Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes. And I also remember that infiltration map in Medal of Honor Allied Assault. Ah, the memories

Selina Narov

The cat's name is Tyler.

Elusive Meme

"I can get down with the kids once in a while."

Aiverem Legaspi

Ok what's with the " ow ow ow " ?????


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Полина Автономова

James is the best!

Maheen Doha

Banana swirl 😂

DJ Deighan

all of a sudden I want to go buy Shadow warrior


No matter what if you are gay, transgender, or anything like it. Be who you are. We are all human.




Hey @FunWithGuru How do you find all these Easter Eggs? Do you do some Research or you find it yourself? (Sorry if i have a bad English, im Spanish) Keep on the good work



Cody Dewitt

now you should each get a 450

Cody Burke

2:37 is that blood or is it a wood scrape?

jayla morris

Curve Latin twist effectively uncertainty knee convention bean gently oppose.

The Vrabecs

matt stafford

Josh the Arcade Guy

I like both

Ram prakash Govindaraja

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عبدالعزيز طوهري

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King Kermit

Dude perfect: I’m perfect. Me:dude nobody is perfect


What about the fake poop in the toilet easter egg?

minchan seo

I like the rage monster part

Florine Taylor

Steph is nervous