The Ffestiniog Railway - A Morning Ride - YouTube

In June 2014 I spent a week in Wales riding the Narrow Gauge Railways. This is Part 2a of that epic railway Holiday. A Morning Ride on the Ffestiniog Railway.


You forgot to say that the statue of liberty is Hillary Clinton... :p

PurplePartyTiger :D

As stated somewhere in this comment section by YouTuber @Scribble, Most students in first world countries, (Australia, America, England, etc.) would gladly consider school a living hell. They are unmotivated to do schoolwork, because it is uninteresting, and forces them to COMPETE for the letter 'A' on a sheet of paper, rather than COLLABORATING to expand on what they already know in an interesting, captivating fashion. A little bit of competition is fine, but my point still stands.

DripyxCuzo CSB

Next song

ChaosJill 44

„A Sweet, redheaded boy“

Chaotic-Fandoms trash

Will is super talanted and always seema so chill

Hersin Rojas

2019 bros

Katrina Santiago

5:27 “Everything was packed, but no one was there.” ... what

Epic koala

do a curry video


i like cowboys better

vézly es lo más.

Stranger: Hi!



Shane Hernandez-Garcia

I hate that I love this song so much

Jill Erickson

Do a video where you reveal panda

Nicholas Vitiello

is it just me or can anyone else not tell the difference between Cory and Coby? I will copy you Christopher Haddad

Ashvin V. Kaimal

Austin's just pissed. All the time. And I relate.

Tricks Tuber HD

I have dude perfect 2 you dude perfect


Vinni Lopes

<3 these guyz

Sally Kim

I'm the opposite

Jono Gaming

Why don’t you let coby win one more time

Pixel Flamers

And what to edit on


Whois watching this in April 2019


Matthew Ehrlich

who is here in 2019

Dominic Michael Gorriceta

Rage monster went to far... LOL XD

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do a march madness bracket stereotypes please


If you don’t punish you children then it can do the opposite- they will have egos over there head- punishment is not putting your child down it’s when you do something bad and they have consequences- parents are supposed to believe in them but not believing is not a punishment- I CANNOT believe these are the things that people are making theses jshwjxneuskfbrisi no this is not ok the world is going to be filled egotistical people if you tell people this crap(sorry the video is right but the tittle is bad and false)

Sherlyne Valdes

Bitch 0:33


Every time I'm loving much more the extra things in the end Lol, and the EasterEgg-ception in the video

Christian Calso

Ha! What is it with Hitman's so mundane easter eggs that make NO sense???

Our Founding Liars

The reptilians are coming to create a new ice age, so this is fitting. Keep asking questions

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Hey man those were my two favorite show to man I really love those btw my dad was never there to

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0:28 While seriouse battles... Just jump in mud holes xD