The Cure - Fascination Street Subtitulada en Español - YouTube

Espero les guste la canción, saludos :D

Tj Connor



It took time to load that guys beard.

Generic Fire Dude

Can I ask why Cat in the Hat is in the picture for Conjuring 2? Haha



Jk _Gaming

5:15 😂😂


Next time , race with a TRICYCLE

Alexander Sicolo


Lily C

So the next time you make a diabetes “joke” think about people with type one diabetes it’s not funny and definitely not something to joke about my sister has type one diabetes and every time some one jokes about this it makes me very upset.


I blame my penis

Blanca Salazar James

Stop saying Pow😐😑

Stella Paukert


Erica Renee

OH YEAH... this is gonna slap

Ezekiel Camposanto

y no part 3?

:) bai

Anna Golebiowska

I can’t believe that you can destroy a perfect car.

Dope Terminator



oooh you guys are at the top of the trending page <3 

Prem Umesh


Radames morales

Your awesome guru


Lol does she wear the same shirt everyday

Liam trick shots


Yashaswi Thakur

Awwww jungkookshiiii you are so so so cute ~~~😭😭.......uwuu!!


pond skipper


Dallas cowboys

Tyler Marshall

Technically coby won giant sumo battle so he won two in a row battlws


Send you love and hugs from me


3:27 me as a seahawks fan

in india everyone is eighter brown or black but not white

N. Ehmcke

Gotta be honest, smelling bee host is my new fav character.

React to Aurelio Voltaire, react to Aurelio Voltaire, react to Aurelio Voltaire

Shrimp Nuggets

This video made my tear up.. ;-;

Rigor Mortis

Meh. Nothing worth buying. Thanks for making this video.

Also me : you've done fucked up

Mr Boi

3:07 did that hammer just went straight through the counter?

Louie Benitez

Ilove your chanel Mr. Beast your the best

Jonah The Baddie

I was diagnosed with bpd when I years ago, I'm only 21 but i've learned to control my actions for the most part, unless im under constant strenuous situations i sometimes break but for the most part I do a fairly good job of distinguishing whats real and whats my bpd- however in the past few weeks i have been experiencing like out of body panic attacks, where it feels like im in a video game or like the things around me arent real etc.- I had no idea that that was something that had to do with bpd, I learned something about myself from this video and now that I know why these things happen its going to make them a lot less scary. If there are any BPD sisters out there i'd love to have a conversation about it with someone who understands it, i've never been able to interact with someone with the same problem as me- peace & blessings queens


I expect FL4K being able to pet his companions

Hurt others feelings or whatever


The way you explain fortnite😂👏🏾


i live next to there house

That we are strong but still fall.

Monya. A

i didnt take a shower in a month

Joshua Opolski

2:10 why is codes dabbing

meow icorn

You have smile on a stick

SamGaming YT

how youre so good


Guru, 1 Question..... Why MLP? im just Laughing a lot by seeing this

Sneaky Scissors

Is that the h3h3 intro song??

حمودي اكشن نحلاوي

مين عربي لايك 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😂😂😂


So coool!! I cant wait to seeee!!

CurlyHeadedGirl Sky

So she is just a germofo

Gozándose la vida, como es

Ryan Suhy

Can you guys do baseball stereotypes


Why is Baby playing at the end?

Brian Gruber

More bloops

Guy runs in fear

Get outta here

Quick Nips

5:06 is me in the shower

Otryrt Şengüler

Türkler beğensin

Pics Zhou

I think what Bee did was inexcusable, but you should rethink the choices you made. Bee was used to it. She knew she could do it. Playing it safe is boring, but if you aren't sure, you could end up making a fool out of yourself. Anyways, mistakes are just lessons you learn outside of school. Be yourself because there's only one of you and nobody should miss out on whatever you have to offer.

Jayden Graveman