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Aiden Smith



This is the best Easter egg channel since they don’t have to explain it to the viewer patronisingly.


Hemalatha Giri Sanjeev

A great year

Benjamin Mostoller

I reallylike all of you sport edition because I like playing sports. Andseeing how you can do all of this perfect stuff has made me want to try the stuff that you do so well at on DUDE PERFECT!

Jazmine Angeles

The same thing happened to my mom. Tho she had three kids and held up to it for 3 years. And my dad till this day still hasn’t stopped.

Nadeisha Alexander

Boi I DECK ThE LiVing THE LiVIng FREAkin KId if HE bULLied ricardio. gOD I WiLL MakE YO FAcE Just THE SaMe As ricardio FAce

LovelyRadiant Unicorn

U know, I think my cousin has DID... She has told me before she has other people in her head and I mean many. She also claims to see things she can only describe as 'demons' she mainly has 3 that take over, named: Travis, dreamer, and watermark. Watermark is like a child. Not knowing how things like electricity work and is playful like a curious toddler. Even tho she is like 14 years old. Dreamer is like a more elegant personality but can get really annoying and is NOT good to deal with when he's mad... He's attacked me a couple times cuz i angered him on accident or was playfully teasing which he knows I do. Travis is pretty much just a temper tantrum baby. (Thats literally what she calls him) he rarely comes out tho. And it normally happens whenever she is having mental breakdowns or crying like a LOT. Amaya also says they're all suppised to drive her to suicide and that they were sent from Satan. I keep telling them that their attempts are futile and useless because I wouldn't allow it and they always say they'll still keep going. Weird thing is, is that she's visited psychiatrists before and they never diagnosed her... Idk if she really does have it or if she's lying... Or if the people just cant find it out. Hm....

Business Cat

Freaking love the ending xD "nope"

Jonathan Habecker


Bob The Builder

When I was 9 I had a field trip and dove off the diving board and my bikini top literally flew through the air

Banr Tv

Am i the only guy that keep watcing this fucked up stories



Me: runs away with hands in the air screaming like a maniac


Jaren Frederick

The pizza failed me

Hot Hot

2:58 gay?


Oh my god chill

No Insult reply just because you mad m8

The title almost made me cry

random things

I can whip anyone's ass no matter who they are this video is a piece of shit just like your channel and dont ever post dumbass vids like this whoever 5his is has no self respect and honestly I dont evan feel bad for them they deserve to get beaten up next time dont be such a baby stand tall and kick ass I'm a girl and those punks you described cant do nothing to no body if you stand up for your self o mean just come on dont think about your self like that it acually hurts to think girls think like this and any person in the right mind cant begin to fathom this girls story I know I cant it just cuts deep when I watched this cuz it ain't fucking true


you cut the best part on the last easter egg....

jakub świerk

Rest in peace Stan


Cool video man

Raptor Squad

3:44 tought someone took a bite of that bed

Ian Aobsil

Buen video, excelente edición como siempre, saludos desde chile FunWithGuru

ely e

Anyone else notice that the same actor voices Octane from Apex Legends?

Eren Ozcilingir

Part 3: Launching ICBMs