THE 25 BEST FILMS OF 2015: A video countdown

A video countdown of the best films of 2015.Created by Rolling Stone Staff Writer David Ehrlich // @davidehrlich(the opinions put forth by this video do not necessarily reflect those of Rolling Stone).VIMEO Link: is blocked in Germany on YouTube, so use this if necessary)MUSIC:"Runaway" by Kanye West (THE NIGHT BEFORE)"Rhapsody in Blue" by George Gershwin (TRAINWRECK)"Diamonds" by Rihanna (GIRLHOOD)"Roked" by Shye Ben Tzur, Jonny Greenwood and The Rajasthan Express (JUNUN)"Happy Together" by The Turtles (45 YEARS)"Sinnerman" performed by Nina Simone (WHAT HAPPENED, MISS SIMONE?)"Girls Just Want to Have" performed by Cyndi Lauper (ANOMALISA)"Opening" by Carter Burwell (CAROL)"Speak Low" performed by Nina Hoss (PHOENIX)"Tokyo Tribe" performed by Shôta Sometani (TOKYO TRIBE)Rent Don Hertzfeldt's WORLD OF TOMORROW on Vimeo: 25 BEST FILMS OF 2014: 25 BEST FILMS OF 2013: 25 BEST FILMS OF 2012: OF CLIPS USED IN THE INTRODUCTION:0:00 – 0:15 Listen to Me Marlon0:15 – 0:17 Carol0:18 – 0:19 Heaven Knows What0:20 – 0:21 Fury Road0:21 – 0:22 45 Years0:22 – 0:23 The Night Before0:23 – 0:24 The Hateful Eight0:24 – 0:25 Listen to Me Marlon0:25 – 0:26 Shaun the Sheep0:26 – 0:27 The Look of Silence0:27 – 0:28 Entertainment0:28 – 0:29 Fury Road0:29 – 0:30 Spectre0:30 – 0:31 Anomalisa0:31 – 0:32 Crimson Peak0:32 – 0:33 The Force Awakens0:33 – 0:34 The Keeping Room0:34 – 0:35 Slow West0:35 – 0:36 The Mend0:36 – 0:37 Chi-Raq0:37 – 0:38 Brooklyn0:38 – 0:39 Love & Mercy0:39 – 0:40 Listen to Me Marlon0:40 – 0:41 Steve Jobs0:41 – 0:46 World of Tomorrow0:46 – 0:50 Trainwreck0:50 – 1:03 Magic Mike XXL1:03 – 1:04 Tangerine1:04 – 1:05 Ex Machina1:05 – 1:06 Chi-Raq1:06 – 1:07 Heaven Knows What1:07 – 1:08 Steve Jobs1:08 – 1:09 Faults1:09 – 1:10 Man from UNCLE1:10 – 1:11 45 Years1:12 – 1:13 By the Sea1:13 – 1:14 Anomalisa1:14 – 1:15 Hard to Be a God1:15 – 1:16 Youth1:16 – 1:17 Black Coal, Thin Ice1:17 – 1:18 Breathe1:18 – 1:20 White God1:20 – 1:21 The Forbidden Room1:21 – 1:22 Joy1:22 – 1:23 Fifty Shades of Grey1:23 – 1:24 Paddington1:24 – 1:25 Creed1:25 – 1:26 Amy1:26 – 1:31 Magic Mike XXL 1:31 – 1:32 Crimson Peak1:32 – 1:33 Fury Road1:33 – 1:35 Shaun the Sheep1:35 – Tokyo Tribe1:35 – 1:36 Kingsman1:36 – 1:37 James White1:37 ¬– 1:38 Creed1:39 Mustang1:40 Slow West1:40 – 1:41 Chi-Raq1:41 Magic Mike XXL1:42 Joy1:42 – 1:43 Mustang1:43 – 1:44 Girlhood1:44 Inside Out1:45 – 1:46 Magic Mike XXL1:46 – 1:47 The Assassin1:47 – 1:48 Tokyo Tribe1:48 – 1:49 Eden1:49 ¬– 1:50 Straight Outta Compton1:50 Youth1:51 Far From the Madding Crowd1:51 – 1:52 Tangerine1:52 – 1:53 Spotlight1:53 The Forbidden Room1:53 – 1:54 Room1:54 – 1:55 Crimson Peak1:55 – 1:56 The Danish Girl1:56 – 1:57 Fifty Shades of Grey1:57 – 1:58 Hard to Be a God1:58 – 1:59 The Revenant1:59 Slow West1:59 – 2:00 Magic Mike XXL2:00 Ex Machina2:01 A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence2:02 – 2:03 Tokyo Tribe2:03 – 2:05 Magic Mike XXL2:05 – 2:06 Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation2:06 – 2:07 Magic Mike XXL2:07 – 2:08 Eden2:08 – 2:09 Anomalisa2:09 – 2:11 Spectre2:11 – 2:12 Magic Mike XXL2:13Man From Reno2:14 – 2:16 Magic Mike XXL2:17 – 2:18 Kingsman2:19 – 2:21 The Force Awakens2:21 – 2:22 Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation2:22 Magic Mike XXL2:23 Spotlight2:24 Mistress America2:25 Furious 72:26 Magic Mike XXL2:27 Love and Mercy2:28 Me and Earl and the Dying Girl2:28 – 2:30 Magic Mike XXL2:31 – 2:33 Fury Road2:34 The Hateful Eight2:35 Magic Mike XXL2:36 Trainwreck2:37 The Force Awakens2:38 – 2:39 Carol2:39 – 2:43 Magic Mike XXL2:43 – 2:44 The Forbidden Room


the david blaine easter egg, I think, is also one of the original models for a type of NPC citizen before he got cut

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My grampa died December 4 2017. I miss him, he was 79. He knew everything. You may not care but I wanted to say this. I talked to him on his last day,and I was sick, I talked to him while he was in the hospital. He last day,he had not talked to anyone for weeks and I was the first one to hear him speak. I am so upset about it. I lived with him for 5 years. It is a scar on my life that won’t go away. I hope this had not happened to you

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