The 20 best auditions ever - YouTube

= 20 - Greg Pritchard01:40 = 19 - Pand


Good news everyone! We're still alive!


That lady pissed me off when she said " You have it easy being a straight white man"


Smiledog... It's one of the most popular creepypastas

victory Ава

Who in 2019 ( I Russian ) (я русский если что то не правильно то не ругайтесь )

Varaender Raina

4:36 we almost saw the panda's face

So it’s not that you couldn’t afford to keep her alive......she was dying in an extremely painful way, it was merciful to let her go 😭 HOLL

Slemke 98

FYI the chocolate lava cake thing was uploaded to this channel last year... you don't need to go to Netflix to watch it.

Random vids


Storm Shadow

Coby will never win

Vicky Patwa


Bernhardina Hörnstein

I support basic income but I think perhaps what will happen is a big inflation because when people have money to buy stuff those stuff will get more expensive for sure?

Gaming Therapy

Hey Ty :My father tells that u look like messi

Jesus Zapata

There is no sound in space