Teen Titans GO Have a Party and Turn into Toy Surprise Boxes

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Mae Garlitos

Why is this video telling me that he will leave ugh I hate this feeling😣 we love you kookie I love you💕

And stop calling him a jerk!!!!


You should go to the florida sea base

casey butts

The noob

Mario Gus

I'm the smuggler and the loud eater

Confused Turtle

When she was 8 she was 60 kilos and then 5 years later when she was 13 years old she was 65 kilos... broo thats not even that much

Monachus Bibe

Almost every single reply in the comments is "in bed."

CoOking mY pAstA

Careless KitKat

Stead of I harassing a girl the harass me I reported them on roblox


As an Autistic person, this is beautiful.

Masydog 12


Mario R

Damn it's been a month since the last video where have you been Guru also Loving the new format and the video :D just hope that you upload.more frequently

Mr. Tattoo ASMR

its all about the tingles.

Troy Miller

Was it to anyone’s surprise Cody won the eating contest

Tedd Akdag

Jeff is hilarious.

Nevaeh Borza

I'm the butter person


Bullying is so wrong

Dane Kruskamp

Cody werdy

Tristan Shaver

So was that entrance supposed to be Kyle Kuzma's audition for Space Jam 2?

Galaxy Eater

the person who disguise as tyler did a pretty good job XD

H4ven F4lls

My poly heart was happy about the ending lol

I Want To Die

I'm super skinny

Kate Stevenson

2019 anyone

ok I'll leave

Chloe Hamill

I know kinda how she feels cause my mum gave born to a still born child😭😭😭

Mamat Aliimron


Mayah Dolan

this is so confusing. she said she couldnt tell her friends, then said she didnt have any. she said her family was normal, then said her father beat her and her mother cursed her. like um ok

I actually have a lot of the somtoms of BPD

ItzKzdoodlez 1216

And that’s how the flash was made...


So is it like outbreak

Diamond Graham

This video was amazing 😉❤️😉💙

Adrina Davis


Chris Baez

Yall are Texas a&m fans

G Marie

I couldn’t finish this... I have a 5 year old brother that I can’t see. I live with my grandparents in Colorado but my mother and brother lives in lass Vegas. And we don’t have money to visit him. I’m never going to be fully happy because I’m not going to be able to grow up with my baby brother.

Ben Phuah

I am not team coby

Weiland Hicks

was that a real grenade?

Lily Anima

So what happend to the foster parents?-__-

ghazi rasyad