Tango Charlie - Part 3 Of 10 - Bobby Deol - Ajay Devgan - Best Bollywood War Movies - YouTube

Download the app now and share it with all the asli fansa missed call on 18002665151 www.shemaroome.comSepoy Tarun Chauhan is sent on a mission to North-east India to combat Bodo rebels, with orders to report to his superior, Havaldar Mohammed Ali. Once there, he comes to know that things can be quiet for weeks, following by sporadic violence, and casualties on both sides. Arun moves all over the country from mission to mission killing terrorists, but an incident in Guiarat leaves him shell shocked. Will Tarun be able to fight the battle in his mind and then prepare to face the terrorist's bullet? For Fun Stuff Subscribe at Join us on Facebook at Follow us at up for Free and get daily updates on New Videos, exclusive Web Shows, contests & much moreus your feedback and suggestions at : connect@shemaroo.comDownload the app now and share it with all the asli fansa missed call on 18002665151

Sandra Roth

you don't now anything not a terrorist cause the aculary do it


Oml i get headaches all the time and there really bad im scared now

Cee Jay

at this point x 1000

Flameboi 313

Low-key this is a troll item since it still damages your squad😂😂


You can tell they’re not tennis dudes


Rip indi



Sam Norman

is the first talks principle Easter egg a reference to "do anderoids dream of electric sheep"


where are the cut limbs flying? TELL ME MIKY MOUSE !!!!!

G's world

do you have room for a daughter?

I didn't know what to write


Cant wait for this game I pre-ordered it

Dankus Memus Maximus

0:25 easter egg spotted, bottom left frame "FunWithGuru" on the screen xD


do they actually make money making these crazy shots?

R33 Aviation

what about cod advanced warfare

Josh Waldorf

7:08 either it was a coincidence or it was the luckiest of luck shots ever made.

Reyes 46


Joe Citizen

Apparently Israel and the ADL are threatening to boycott YouTube ... it seems that most people that are critical of jews are the main ones being shut down.

goku ultra instinto

Primera vez: no me gusta


On the toy story clip you can see Totoro in the background

Megan M

This looks soooo different from the original like I'm excited

Louise Bentley

Great video guys keep up the work


Ridiculous to pressure him to play hurt. Now this brotha has a Achilles injury. Great job Warriors showing how you can care less about your players. Get well soon KD and come to NYC where you will be taken care of.

JandJ produces

Ty is fav

Ryan Hall


fluke bar

I think that every time you play songs on jukebox the same things will happen on each song.


maybe all the mirrors edge stuff is a sign. mirrors edge 2 any one?

Hailey Iris

I feel u Jeffree I also lost my dog too and it’s really hard because you’re dog or any other pet is like your best best best friend ever and it’s heartbreaking when pets pass away. Diamond is in a better place now. No pain anymore for Diamond 💎. I’m sorry . Stay strong . I’m going to miss her xx

Jason Zhang


i burst in tears