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Alice: "I'm pregnant"

michael leonard


Estefan Juarez

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Who is steel watching in 2017

oreo Lover

Faith in humanity: Restored


So much diversity guys greatly done

2023-Maia Ciotti

When you realize the swish fish guy is ty beardless :0 OH MY HOLY JESUS

kunika ॐ

is this amanda khamkaew:((

Alex Fish

The whistler was such a fucking shot.... oh dear.


Biased toward Outback


First comment 😂💗

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Marley Vance

Sounds and feels like you're just bullied inside your classroom by your classmates, not by the entire school!

Ked G.

Dammit 3rd fuck it

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Hey Boi

Who is it Michael

Lincoln Clotfelter

do you mean paul mccartney

Griffin Grimes

Check out ballin up basketball trick shots 1 and 2 theyr very good

Lovely Ernalyz


The Spanish Armada

WELLLL For me I was burn almost 10 months and I almost ate my poo. WHICH IS A BAD SIGN. And up till now I have slight stomach problems. But for my sister, well she was undercooked in the oven. I mean she had to eat through a tube, me too but she took longer in the hospital. She has autism and takes therapy lessons for it. Hoping that she wont be autistic too long.

Diego Tamayo

Garrett ABSOLUTELY blew the competition with his double-engine rocket, though the catch was pointless


Old guy: “This reminds me of D-Day”

Terry Crotts

Everyone of these symptoms are exactly what I'm going through. I hate relying on pills. I had gotten off of them before and started living a somewhat normal life. 2014 my life took a turn for the worst. I lost my business and had to file bankruptcy about lost my home. Had to let a nice dodge charger get repossessed. :( I'm was overwhelmed with stress and depression. Ended up back at the Dr. First thing he told me was my anxiety was through the roof. I was scared to death of every situation. I couldn't find a job. Had to get back on them pills again. I had no choice. I couldn't sleep. I lost weight. That is a frightening experience. The pills do help but you don't want to have to rely on them. At this point I had no choice. Bounced around from job to job. Constantly worrying about keeping all my bill's paid. I feel for anyone with these conditions. I have had to go to the hospital. Running out of medications to early. I pray one day I will will get back to my once normal life. Until then I must rely on the controlled substance. I hate that term. But anyone who has this knows you cannot just go cold turkey on this medicine. I saw my brother have 2 seizures running out of xanax. And it scared the hell out of me. Relax take a deep breath and take the pill. I love everyone who suffers from this mentality. Because I've been on both sides of the street. And it's not fun on this side. I'm through venting now. That helps also. :)


“You’re approachable hot”

Perfect presentation of the easter eggs :) When my channnel is bigger we should make a video together! I make a bunch of cool GIANT DIY projects!

Coach Allan


Marcus Law

am I the only one who notice that the blonde hair boy looks like the World's Greatest FreakOut boy?

Mobile Gaming at it's BEST

Adam Sandler!!!

Jiad José ignacio

Me encanta este wey

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Done ♠️ Post notifications always on! Love you guyz sm! Madlove Ace Family 💙

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with the third round, maybe he failed his second go bc he looked at Gareth xD lol


A lot of people don’t realise that it’s not just the KD issue that’s been dragging the warriors down, their real problem is that the Raptors are playing exceptionally well! If the Raptors played as good as their last game, gsw with or without KD, Raptors will still prevail!

miguel rampasard

It my birthday today 🎂🎈🎁