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You edit to make a curve in the tower basketball shot

Bro Craft

No way is that Murr?

Sh00keth 0reo

OMG!! My birthday is on June 5th😂😂

henlo guyz

wait so elsa is not going to end up with some guy? i'm literally waiting for jack frost and elsa's collaboration.

Tony Bennett

Way too loud...and I love it

muhammadhu fausz Muhammadh

garretts baseball rope was ssssooooooooooooo funny

Alex Carson

Faster than coby

1:22 ah that's a nice sound.

Oka Ruto

People say " do you have a eating disorder?" I say if I'm the right wright and I'm healthy what do u think but I am very skinny

Caulin Whitewater

gimme another splinter cell!!!

5 subscribers with no videos

3:57 If you think about it, Garrett lost his balance before Ty didSo............Ty wins?

Muffin Men YouTube

I’m the smuglers

Roland Cabral

Origin story of Elsa’s power? Call me interested!

Nayuun Art

Pretty much everything you mentioned... though does anyone else have a “favorite person” who they “imprint” on? The person you idolize and stuff? I’ve had a few of those in my life.

u used to work at Whataburger


the gas man its very scary D:

Mc Woof

the one without one

Davorin Krebs

Or this wall is intended to hold out the Mexicans...

Thomas Pitsargiotis

at the mw3 mission the grave says: αναπαυσον εν ειρήνη (ancient greek) meaning rest in peace


lol is that the only excuse you can come up with

Op Man

That hideo kojima part... Lol.

Trick SFL

Gnar came in so smooth and the beat dropped nasty🔥🔥

Minty Gemini

Some people know what this trailer meansBut not usNot us

Rich Buckley

That would hert



Stupid Memes

8:49 wave check 😂🤣😂🤣

Shuster 2007

Dallas Is the best team ever

Sarah Jones

Ok im not trying to be the triggered christian in the comments but how dare they name themselves yahweh

paulus saulus

thats nice. but a luckyshot!

I only fear losing others