Supan Sandhu In Telefilm 'Dharti Hethla Bauld' on Jalandhar Doordarshan

Supan Sandhu In Telefilm 'Dharti Hethla Bauld' on Jalandhar DoordarshanStory : Kulwant Singh VirkCamera : Trilochan Babbi, Surinder Sharma, Hardev SinghEditor : Pawan MahiniaProduced & Directed By : Jaswant Deed


He should really do Call of duty World War II next


Omg I want to see the movie

Alucard Voltaire

Its not a pterodactyl its a pteranadon

Jacob R

You had to much fun


Anyone else hella confused from the title??

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Oh my god this should be more awkward than it depicted.

DJ Ama

Is your profile picture a photo of Adam Sandler?


No it's Epik also it is a name so I don't have to spell correctly

Izzy Bo busy

did he brake up or did he die

Mohamed Adnan

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το γλυκο πουλι της χούντας

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The Hidden Zarbub

not the best actor for Cal Kestis but i'll still buy it. The game looks great!

Martin del Mazo

The cheese winger dingers are better at Longhorn

Ash Holdsworth

Nope. Not good this one.

JC Gilana

i need to know the song playing at the end

chalan beli

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Never thought I'd see this collab. That's what's up. Shit is fire!

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the stanley parable is one big easter egg

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