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Subscribe Sundar Selvaraj Sadhu : Selvaraj was raised up in a strong Hindu family. He has two sisters and a younger brother. When he was about seven years old, his father became a layman priest.Thank you for watching Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj lectures, please review on and sharing lessons to everyone.


how was the crowd booing him? makes no sense....

Rino Rock

Moose nuts to rated r

T Bird

Dunking donuts?

I didn't check the rest of the names though, but i'm quite sure that there are more names of the games' producers on that list in Mission 2.


I'm the screamer and the selfie guy

Jordan Garret

i love this game

WOW! !!

Money does grow on trees cause paper is made of trees and money is made of paper 😎

Leah Swilley

No child should have to go through that.

Cindy Eimer

Coby will win someday I know


Do South Park the stick of truth

David Casas

Wendys definitely won. However, im just mad Ronald basically said apple was better than android lol, so he was easily last place

Beatriz Bonoan

Sometimes I wonder how I got through so many periods and think to myself that I’m actually a superhero

Chiefsfan 0907

The thumbnail looks like the one default skin in Fortnite lol

megha shree

I love DP


The hitman easter egg makes me think of Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines when you go to the hotel. Fun game =^.^=

Charlie Dixon

these dudes are the spawn of something. That is insane. Nice going,. you guys are siiiiiiiick

Toby Lange

I love lamp.

Justise Lasley

This must be some Canadian thing I’ve never heard of; I have never heard of leftover steak before? I mean I’ve eaten the Ole’ 76 ozer, but I’ve never had left over steak...


Did anyone else notice the dancing Duane in the score up in the top right at the beginning of the Hotline Miami easter egg


Lmao flaming basketball.

Promethean Allegory

Since so many nowadays are so enamored with cultural relativism, lets consider what a person (man or woman) from the 1950’s (for example) would think to see today’s sanitized and patronizing soy boy rejection of the masculine/feminine dichotomy.

Noah Cranfill

Team necklace for the win




I’m team every body


My mom being an alcoholic these same events happened to me at one point she was homeless because my parents are separated and I only get to see her one time a month which isn’t the worst, I know other people go through worse. My mom once was drinking and taking pills and she shoplifted and I was right in front of her of course I knew so I asked her and the police heard the sirens and she was arrested and child services took me to my dad I was in Sweden and my dad was in Los Angeles he almost lost me. If anyone else is going through this stay happy and remember it could be worse

Caboodle of Nonsense

Great another sequel nobody asked for. Except it’s from Disney not Pixar this time.

Bushwood Gopher

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Sandvich Mann

In the Stanley Parable that's just Stanley following the adventure line in a time paradox.

Mati Aller

There is a mansion with ghosts in the Red Dead Redemption


2:08 slow motion and you will realize that the ball is propelled without even touching it ahahahahah FAKEEEEEE AF


did anyone notice that dude perfect has no black people on the teamRASICT

Meme Master

How? I sabotaged it just like the guy said


Jonathan Mcbride

Pump is better

me: see, I have beautiful coily hair that's always dry and literally a centimeter

Nony Mous

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Mr Zon

is that some korean drama?

Jasmaine Price


KawiiDragonZ Molina

How to describe dis vid L O. L


As fast as you can, say "ANDHAVEAGOODONE!"

Patrick Pacheco

Curry, Klay and Cousins were a few of the people that doubted Kevin was hurt, they all bitched that they were playing through injuries; making it sound like KD should be too. GSW management is a joke.

Jasonz W

Wowwwwwww cool😍😍😍



Cat Gomez

I’m anxious and avoidant lmao

minh nhựt nguyễn

Thanks a lot

Larko - CoD

I think i fojnd a secret nobody else has. The hollys cream cakes in zombies is also as a poster in multiplayer. Comment me if u find it...

J-just check the description