Suede - We Are The Pigs

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Nadia Rabbitbaker

3:30 look where his hand is on the picture with his mom

jayce hall

Good video bro

"Fine, I thought that we actually don't exist and this is all just a game about an American Soldier attacking and killing us. And we are just programmed Characters in this game"

Izaiah MacAusland



Hey i found the BEST easter egg in gaming! Its a patch to fix bf4! XD

Nathan Skylander vids

So the barbarian hold his breath for 2 years?



John Mang


Anita Yama

okay manaola's clothing is damn beautiful. does he deliver to the uk???

jelle molenaar

i think people heave the wricht to dislike and if you cant heandel the rate of a subscriber than you dont worft it to heave subs even if the dislike was 4 a stupit reason ps. i would heave liked !minecraft is a rip off to there was a previus minecraft edition not made by notch ;)

Elijah Elijah

My fav was the two-wheeler

Jaiden: smiles in socially awkward

Shelly Santi

team coby

Snitts Gaming

2:29 we just gonna ignore how suprisingly jacked he is?


Tony Stark looks so UGLY

WR 96

This trailer is 6 seconds shorter than the teaser lol

Dominic Arthur

TEAM TY FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!Like if you agree

Rabia Asif


Zac Anderson

This dude lowkey remind me of young cheif keef

Moon Shine Gacha life

My uncle ran to us and I get to see my best friend ever 2 3 4 years so I dont see her and I get to see her in winter or fall

Jahbari Matthews

that giant donut scared the SHIT out of me

Sarah Jahshan

My name is staying Alive lyrics are you

Ivar Eriksson Eriksson

Is this north Korea


next up: wizards come up to your door and eat your food

Vid Laugh

in what team she play ?

Arun Dani

Pls reveal panda

guy banana

do u play minecraft?


i bet this guy owns @ darts


Do net gun in tricks shot

Frances Suey-Dener

team red bull

depression/being sad 1 Like=1 less Bully

Emma Oliver

Tyler: dude how fast were you going Cody: like 40 Tyler: dude he said he was going like 100Best youtubers ever 😅😂



rouse edward

Total Dude Perfect Battles Scores:Tyler = 9Cody = 3Garrett = 1Cory = 1Coby = 0

Anime Crazy

I can relate

WeirdoKiddo TV

Wait who’s house was it in the start and how did she get there

Michael S

Typical preppy. Got kicked out of Groton eh?

Agent Kingpin

I wanna know how much expenses dude perfect has😂

N wen I did 😐 I had to rewatch😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂