Son para tí

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A person being medicated in a hospital and returning to their family is not a conscious decision to stay off drugs and endure withdrawal now that you're in a better environment... it's what you do after you get out of the hospital..

christopher Aguilera

Bam the first girl was a b*

Sebastian Wroblewski

NFL is my favorite sport

Juris Dumagan

1:20 the chances of that making it in

Sayed Marzan

I have townhall 12 and builder hall 8, yaaaahooooo...

Reem Rameez

There names belong in the gennesis world records book

Alexander Couvillion


ORIGINAL Game Chanel



lol the end though XD

dolly rittenhouse



King Fabian

POlo g



SeniacRussoBriteGravy BestYters

Aa muslim but in love with 3 years...weird...


3:20 isn't the guy who pops up saying "Don't care" from Tyler, The Creator's crew?

Caramelflap Jr

You were at the end 100%Human so you re a robot

Amal N


Adil Hussain

i like the kick ball

Joe Public

a console should be designed for enjoyment!

1min later : .................

Shivraj Adhikari

Please do tricks on ceicket

F.A.P White Chocolate Wonderful

Wasnt this the same kid from that prank it forward smosh video how many times is this kid almost gonna die kinda suspicious

Playing Unique

She tweaking


i want modded weapons

Lilith C

“Why can’t you be like other boys?!?” Bitch why can’t you not such a bitch??

Here are a few ideas

Roz Caffrey

That old women is a brat

Nasty Pancake

3:50 synth*

LittleL Vlogs&Gaming

19:20 my fav part we kinda forever


Biohazard Kid

ND Might be Nathan Drake.

B cami

Making a game off the outbreak from Siege. 👍👍👍

Daniel Macías

Ignore the haters, friend. I understand a great deal of time went into the making of these videos, so just do what you love. There's no end in trying to please everyone.

TS Lucky

3rd skit is Courtney in try not to laugh sometimes 😅

Ghostcowian T

Coby’s office was the best Like if u agree

penis 2

Democrats are now just communists

brandon higgins

Did anyone else think that was bill Nye at the end? :)


Dats tuff

Алекс нёрф 228


mohd mahiuzzaman

Team TY Go on

Bram Cherner

If you don't mind checking out my channel im doing a boderlands let's play right know

Nyxx Neri

honestly they should use old clothes

Cory Burns

I can do a bottle flip

Arta A

Ben Horwitz CEO of OpsWare and LoudCloud story pleaseeeeeeee

Jordan Lund

Looks like you watched the Sonic the Hedgehog trailer and went "Fantastic! Get those guys to do the character designs! What could go wrong?"

Griffin Smallwood

Ty should not do it

Rosa Nunez

IF you think she is a GOLD DIGGER LIKE and if you think he deserves that