Sollividava 2018 Latest Tamil Full HD Movie - Chandan Kumar, Aishwarya Arjun | 'Action King' Arjun

Here is the 2018 Latest Tamil Full HD Movie Sollividava.SYNOPSISTwo journalists, Sanjay and Madhurya who are working for different channels, under certain circumstances come together to cover a live war. During their stint of covering the war, a series of events unfold, which change their lives and also alter their destinies forever.Direction - 'Action King' ArjunStory, Screenplay & Dialogues : 'Action King' ArjunCinematography : H C VenugopalMusic Director : Jassie GiftEditor : Kay KayArt Director : SeenuTrailer Cut : Sudharshan & Anjana ArjunBanner - Sree Raam Films InternationalProducer - Niveditha ArjunCo Producer - Anjana ArjunFor More Super Hit Tamil Movies Check belowKeni Tamil Full HD Movie:Tamil Full HD Movie Thiraiarangam Full HD Movie :MaanTamil Full HD Movie: Latest Tamil Full HD Movie : Tamil Thriller Full Movie : Tamil Thriller Full Movie: Thottakkal Tamil Full Movie: Jung Juk Full Movie HD: Thanda Tamil Full Movie HD: Oru Naal 2 Full Movie HD : Pathinaaru D16 Full HD Movie: 23 Full HD Movie : Yeidhavan Latest Full HD Movie:Tamil Full HD Movie: Amma Rani Full Movie: Kangal Full HD Movie : Kanakku Tamil Full Movie: Tamil Full HD Movie : Tamil Full HD Movie: Thirudargal" Latest Tamil Full HD Movie: LatestTamil Full HD Movie: for more Latest Tamil HD Full Movies,Songs

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