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Sorry I need a long time for this 😐Stickman animation of Slendrina XThanks for watching 😊

Kylie:which car should I take?which purse out of 1000 to chose from FUCKED.

Monkey banana milkshake Taylor


WolfieBoiVlogs simonds



Then crawl somewhere to die. No one gives a shit anyway

Xavier Deane

I'm the fish hear everything guy

Emili Parmelee



burj khalifa!!!!!!!!!

Jeremiah Raven

mention me in a vidio



Potato Pants

My friend that is male beats me and laughs i didn't complain or shout this time

Kelly Rodgers

BPD is not the same or similar to multiple personalities/DID. PLEASE be careful with these stories because the symptoms in this video are not all accurate if you look in the DSM, and disassociating into a rage doesn't happen with BPD... There is already enough misconceptions out there about us

Aaron \avander

Salt, can you do salt?

Aurora Xx

Oh well i just tried to kill myself some hours ago-

Beauty 4 You

I thought it was connect four😂😂

Jess K

Hahhaha loved this

Gurl Gabby

Frozen, Frozen 2Anna, ElsaWeave, SnatchedHotel, Trivago 😂😂

Urwa Nabil

i your book

Cassie Is Abnormal

If anyone knows Twenty Øne Piløts please say that im not the only one that thinks that Coby and Cory look similar to Josh Dun


When i was 3 i was finally able to say "mom"

Lexa Jackson


Video : AHHH

Krystal Melody

The old lady!!! dont give it to the bratty jeremy hes dumb give it to the old lady!!


How come the building didn't fall down?

sir capitano

I wonder how many times it took Tyler to make that hole in one...

Jhulan Das

Please make a build a plane challenge

Gamerkitty Corn


xavier williams


Hannah Badat

Best rewind ever

Amaya -P

I usually listen to dubs as I tend to do other things whilst watching, it’s just in the background so the English voices are very helpful. Lately I have been watching both sub and dub though :D