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Si Snow White at ang Pitong Duwende | Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs in Filipino | Kwentong Pambata | Mga Kwentong Pambata | Kwentong Pambata Tagalog | Kwentong Pang Bata | Pambatang Kwento | 4K UHD | Filipino Fairy TalesWatch Children's Stories in English on our English Fairy Tales Channel : panoorin higit pang mag video 💙 Watch more videos in Filipino 💙► Ang Tatlong Biik - Three Little Pigs : Si Hansel at Si Gretel - Hansel And Gretel : Ang lobo at ang pitong batang kambing - Wolf And The Seven Little Goats : Ang Pangit na Bibe - Ugly Duckling : Si Rapunzel - Rapunzel : Si Thumbelina - Thumbelina : Si Jack at ang Beanstalk- Jack And The Beanstalk : Ang Munting Tindera ng Posporo - Little Match Girl : Si Little Red Riding Hood - Little Red Riding Hood : Ang Mangingisda at ang Kanyang Asawa - Fisherman and His Wife : Si Cinderella - Cinderella : Si Peter Pan - Peter Pan : Si Pinocchio - Pinocchio : Ang Pulang Sapatos -Red Shoes : Ang Palakang Prinsipe - Frog Prince : Si Sleeping Beauty - Sleeping Beauty : Ang Daga Na Isang Prinsesa - Little Mouse Who Was A Princess : Ang Munting Pulang Inahing Manok - Little Red Hen : Ang mga Duwende at ang Zapatero - Elves And The Shoe Maker : Si Snow White at ang Pitong Duwende - Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs : #FilipinoPrincessStories #FilipinoFairyTales


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Erin Rodney

Maybe the GTA 5 easter egg is cj's mom


This video is so bad..................BADASS!

Eric Boyd


Crimson strawberry

That's just a theory a guru theory

Bal preet

Panda is just living the life

Eduardo Cruz

Poor panda

Charles john Lagura

It nice dude perfect forever

Allii iii

Hit or miss?

rose berii

Ok. It changed from My Dad Is Always A Mess to My dad is an alcoholic and now to Alcholism in Children's Eyes. Anyone Else?

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DC and marvel all day

Maja Minderlen

At 3 years old I fell in love with my food

Imma Cat

Her:About a month after that I started to feel strange

Jaylen Bell

Hmmmm new keef of chicago nd calboy the new durk 🤔 cause they really putting on

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Was that a 9/11 reference lmao


how? they have two angles of it. don't be fucking mad that you cant do that...

Earl The Red

Weird flex but ok

Cleone Diorra Kawitan

Yasss I'm the 350th View!!

Ella Werner

Tyler’s looks so much like his dad

Budget Boat

I like what you guys do but my friends are like anyone can do what they do if they have the patience


Does Johnny Manziel look like Troy Tulowitzki to anyone?


Young Ty no beard short hair skinny as hell 7 years???


Bruh xD

Sylvia Setlock

I have anxiety, but anxiety comes in all different forms, I feel like mine is another person, in my mind. Made mostly of fear and panic. I have panic attacks constantly

Rb Smith

My late mother had that.... Began about 1968.... We thought it was narcissistic. Selfish. Manipulate plus needy and clingy. My father.... Married and divorced twice now gone. Had no common sense in relationship. Why stayed with her for near 21 years and he didn’t protected us kids as much but he was a smoker wimp! Weakling! After three years of separation. Finally, my father filed for a divorce. And we didn’t care about him either. I’ve seen my mother very little during her visit in 1985. 1986. Twice in 1989.

Laura flara

This voice 🤮


Thanks Guru for all the great work you've made this year. I Wish you and to everyone a Merry Christmas and all the best for the next year ! =)

Thee Epic doge

I weigh about 80 and I’m 12 and I’m not plump I’m quite skinny u can see my bones if I suck my belly in