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Joanna Brobbel

Why don’t you do who can throw the vortex the furthest

Elisha Jane Cagbabanua

It was so amazing


How bout crocs ?

Henry Cooley

Let me. Axe you a question

FABH Redbrass83383

I love Dude perfect.

Comedy Kids

hey go to ohiop.s screw michigan now i am a purple hoser


besides being unoriginal, you guys fucked up before you even started eating. You ordered hot/cooked food and instead of eating right away, you let it cool which is not a good thing because once hot food starts cooling it become more and more difficult to eat as time passes. dumbasses!!




Do airsoft

benji2014 Super

did I saw lord tatchanka??

Ann Marie Kilmer


Calvin CJ Hall

i think you can only erase the games that are in the main series metal gear 1, 2, 3, 4 and V

Steven T

@ 0:54 |||||

Something like this should never be tolerated. It needs to be spoken of to an authority. Wether it’s a parent, a counselor, or someone else... DO NOT LET THIS SLIDE.

Anime legend Story

you are the best Juanpa Zurita ✌️

John Freeman

same thing


I used to be an adventurer like you, until I took an arrow to the knee....

Lilyy On Mobile


Charnel Poirier

Its not a real panda


#4 on Trending in Singapore as I type this, astounding 🥳😍

Stephanie Russell

Rip plant

Ryder Mount

I would pay 122636737383744838373738384747484848 billion trillion million dollars for a panda face reveal


Dude Perfects new app is available on itunes!!! Great game go check it out!


He got flung at exactly 0:09 you can see his feet and light

ines sison

abused animals?? dang her parents are horrible!! she should have reported them to the police

Justin Wiley

Your show is great!! Keep up the good work!!! Being is awesome and inspiring

Tm Yok


SNOW TV [̲̅Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅e̲̅r]



Portal series???

The Archives

What happened to insurance?

Good luck to this girl!


Owo such badass


Youtube: I hope we're not that late to put this in the recommended

:snack Monster

addie brown

I really love DP but I only like when my boy Garry (garret) wins a battle

tham vu

Dear MinuteVideo, I like your videos to learn but why don't you get englishsub to easy for understand????

Random Shit

they're so cuuuuuute



slap man

In the Borderlands 2 Minecraft easter egg, there is also a chance the the badass creeper will drop an orange rarity sniper which shoots minecraft arrows. The drop is REALLY rare though.

Chris Johnson

what state is this filmed in??


HOLD UP!! Did Emma just say that she would never cheat on Ethan?!! 28:11


January 1st 2019 anyone

golden serena

Are u crazy he is 20 something and u are 17 wow thank he was dating someone that's cheating

Batuhan Ildeş

Hello from Turkey !

The next story is something personal, that not even my mum knows, so its only logical I show it to a couple million strangers hiding behind a screen.


Celeste got me... that's just to sad to not think deeply about...

Vedanta Banerjee

From where did they get the plane

WeLL gUeSs wHaT bUdDy siNs Are EqUaL

Badass TrapBass

What's her @?


Sy nczxx

If yall realize vikkstat just ger bullied

Zeric Cadiz

This sound like a anime.

gaby's blog

Well fuck I need more rest then