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Sikh Wedding Highlights video at Royal Court Coventry by videographers a division of One of our earlier filmed videos using one video camera & one operator. Ps on all our productions now we no longer put any music over the Anand Karaj Ceremony. Please rate the video & Tweet @punjab2000music@cine5dfilms see other cinematic vdeos here Bookings ring 07773650721. We do Cinematic HD & 4K videos using steadicams / gimbles / sliders / camera cranes/ multishoots/ both sides coveredtailored to your budgets .Loads more videos available on request Contact mobile :07773650721So far watched in 175 of the 196 countries in the World. Tere Mast Mast Do Nain - Dabangg Lyrics And English TranslationTakte Rehte Tujhko Sanjh SavereI was looking at you from dawn to duskNainon Mein Basya Jaise Nain Yeh TereYour eyes have been united with mineTere Mast Mast Do Nain Mere Dil Ka Le Gaye ChainYour pretty eyes have stole the serenity of my heartMere Dil Ka Le Gaye Chain Tere Mast Mast Do NainMy heart's serenity has been stolen by your pretty eyesPehle Pehal Tujhe Dekha Tho Dil MeraEarlier seeing you, my heartDhadka Haye Dhadka, Dhadka HaayeTends to beat fasterJal Jal Uda Hoon Main, Shola Jo Pyar KaI am burning in the fire of loveBhadka Haaye Bhadka, Bhadka HaayeAnd it's burstNeendon Mein Gul Gaye Hai Sapne Jo TereYour dreams have become so much part of my sleep that Badle Se Lag Rahe Hain Andaaz MereMy attitude has changedMahi Beaab Sa, Dil Yeh Betab SaDear my heart is restlessTadpa Jaye Tadpa, Tadpa JayeAnd keep on torturing meNainon Ki Jheel Mein Utra Tha Yun Hi DilFalling to the stream of your eyesDooba Jayee Dooaa Jayee, Dooba JayeeMy hearts is drowning in itHosho Hawas Ab Tho Khone Lage HaiI am loosing my consciousness nowHum Bhi Deewane Tere Hone Lage HaiAnd became crazy for you

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Hey now they are at 40 million subs... WOW THEY HAVE MADE PROGRESS OVER 5 YEARS!!!

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go to the 5:50 Mark of the Video And Hit Pause then Look At The Clock

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Who’s watching this in 2017


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i know how this feels because i almost died from a bike crash a dirt bike crash i gave my dad a heart attack and my mom was crying when i saw her but it was hard to tell if my dad was crying he was finding my bick but from where i could see he looked sad and shooked then all of the sudden it went black i woke up to my mom screaming shes awake she told me everythng that happend i also blacked out when this happend but the visons scare me and i still can feel the horrible pain i never want to go back to that camp and the worst part was i saw my friend shaking my hand crying and half the camp near me im happy that where my acident happend it was near a camp so my dad had to ride his bike to get my mom for me so i could go into the car to get back to are site the next day my dad helped me to get to there campsite agian so i could say thank you for there help but it was scary and i was only 8 years old its been two years sense this incident but it still gives me nightmares i hope this never happens to you

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