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Armand Le Marier

Matthew 6:25-34 New International Version (NIV)

tina .

how much you gotta pay tho for those injections

Jose A Palafox

Im from 2019 may

Gaije Seger

6:03 I live in Pittsburgh and it is spelled Pittsburgh with an "h" at the end

Miqka ``

Why all the comments are like : WHO IS WATCHING IN 2018??!!?!??:(

CallSign Guardian

Flat earthers take that


Imagine walking into a basketball stadium and seeing a bunch of old looking guys doing basketball trick shots

Greyson Mills

lol hes subscribed to angry joe

Siddharth Paratkar

If I had to bet, I think Johnny's extra point took longer to make than any of the other trick shots.

Patrick Connor

Keep up the good work. I love the Easter egg videos

They want me to let it go Sending my love to her❤❤😥


Entertaining video I must say, but I'd say stick to trickshots :p

Paola Vicioso

I cried.


they have th same basketball hope as me!

Muhammad Ali

Team red Team luco

Akbar Ali

I realized who she was before she told us I can't believe I did its an honor to hear your story from you I love your stories and movies


Usain bolt is next



Beau Roberts

plz sub to me and i will sub back


Bunny's just a lil toddler throwing tantrums BUT WE STILL LOVE HER


Drake 😩


oh, please EA! lets us play both sides in the game.

Sam Katz

11:25 i was winning till now

Uses the bathroom a lot guy

Ched Beckford

Skip doesn't understand basketball. He wants steph to take bad shots then he'll crucify him


1:50 that car looks like the boats in spongebob.

Mananji Fleiter

was that first try

DioriteFlint737 ,

I actually played the game on normal plus right before watching this and actually heard the wind helm scream.

Eagan Lim

I think they needed a few thousands to fix all the stuff in the rage monster one


Nan fan cy

Good man

TheClassic Pro

Do you still talk about this in 2019

Noel Rahlis7

The ultimate Karen

Cooper the Maltese/CockerSpaniel Dog breed

Flex tape!

Pretty little Lyrics

19:16 Whata jumpscared


They must be ballin

Van Islandlights

The Street Warrior poster is a reference to Mad Max, which deeply influenced the Fallout series. I love seeing that now that Fallout 4's coming  :D


what a curve

Tami Coronella

I'm watching it in 2017

Jenna Blanchette

Where is Cody?!

Megamario Pika

Was that 7 years ago

turquoise soso