(Sabon Comedy) Kwarto Mara Basira Kalli Kaci Dariya (Ayatullahi Tage Comedy)

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Issac becerra

I feel so bad for tyler because coby said that he wouldnt hold so tyler had to run. Love you tyler.

Parker Karvelius

1:40 on the left of tyler there is another office.


Than we all slowly dies

video insanity

This video is what I think every single day. I wish I was talented like he people I see on social media.


Muche better than the previous one :D

Livv Xiao

I think look wise, Cody and his dad. Personality wise, Tyler and his dad

Just wonder how you will make his life dramatically better than ever? ^^

Franklin Clinton

I be murking them bustas!

Judd Alleyne

John Wick Vs. James Bond...😙


The Ditto could just be an outlier just a Ditto with an exceptional memory


That guy shouldn’t be allowed to EVER sit court side again. He can’t handle the responsibility

Dominico 18

They dynamaxed the ramen Pokemon!

Pixie Bratski

Luna Lovegood is like Hermetic Kitten. Or the other way around :p

Henry Arnett

I thought it was chess

Neil Fields gamin and vlogs

That was a bunch of balls ty

Joëlle Weetjewel

That kinda reminds me of when I'm having a mathematics themed fever dream and I wake up thinking all my calculations are fucked so if I go downstairs, I'm gonna die (I know that sentence doesn't make any sense, I don't know how to explain it, but in the moment itself, it makes sense)

3- both. a lot of the times i just dont wanna eat, and sometimes all of a sudden i just get the urge to eat a specific food, like two days ago i grabbed a bunch of slices of chocolate cake without my parents seeing and just ate it all. i felt sick and so full after it but i just wanted to eat it so bad. then it went back to barely eating from no apetite.


There are 2 easter eggs here 1 at 0:51 KABLOOOAYY TF2 demoman and the song.

NOV Thoric

Finally I found the original video where the panda head falls off


Is wanting to breathe Wisconsin air a reason to go to Wisconsin?

Klance_Victuuri Otayuri_and other gay ships

Tbh she didnt deserved what happend but seriously she had it coming how many times do people tell u not to send nudes cause they will leak them how many stories do u hear about girls getting their nudes leaked by the person they trusted

Jason Neill


KingJoGamer 08


Edwin Garcias

Sub to him and hit 200.28549.38 subs right now


I feel so bad for that girl's friend. This little girl is an asshole


Everybody pray for that pilots soul and for their families mental health. I hope they stay strong.

Damian Edge


Hine Daus



Okay... CoC its time for Cyberpunk now. You had your time.

Hollow Midnight

Ive have these symptons 10 of them and its been going for 1 month...i feel like i dont belong anywhere...its just feel like im trapped in a place where theres only a tiny hole of hope hoping someone will come and save me

Can I get likes it makes me better

Mint_ Forest

어케했노 ㅅ발려ㄴ아


Show the truth about how titanium burns!

Fortnite Gamerboi

what about the guy that watched every dude perfect video


This says frozen 2 more like Moana 2

Tiki Frost

2:38 dogs having sex