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Catch the spirit. Catch the spit."Tom Sawyer" through the years of 2003-2015 from "Rush in Rio", "R30", "Snakes & Arrows Live", "Time Machine 2011: Live in Cleveland", "Clockwork Angels Tour", and "R40 LIVE". Get R40 LIVE today on 3CD/DVD/Blu-ray:the R40 Collector's Boxed Set today:

Muhc Agabon

I just notice one is a credit card or debit

I miss him everyday. But knowing he Will always be in my hart helps me a lot. I think I Just want to say appreciate every moment you have with your family before they are gone.

SKT juks

Bro I just watch the video about the bloopers and I miss those times when you still dont have that office

Матвей Джаммол

Этот Xen своим залетом на трек испортил весь все,, особенно припев скайза!

Pizza Panda

Ty looks no different than he did 8 years ago

A New Snackbar

Just bought the $250 collector's edition. sigh of relief now the wait...


That record was beaten in a little over a month. The new record is 2,737 feet. Do it again DP

Vlog and Stuff With Cori

Hey I am a small small YouTubed with a dream of 50 subs can you help me achieve that goal ?


Didn't know that you were such a meminator

TheLegend 27

Make a soup and do a cross section

Some Random Gamer Named Austin

Can't wear Nathan Drake or Jak and Daxter costume? That's lame.

Queen Alexandra The Great

I thought she was gonna do drugs or somethin'


when you set the zombie on fire it sounds like his saying "Hjælp mig" which is danish for help me.. Hmmm

Eva Caro Dimi Vicky

i think i might adopt a baby


Did this vlog, just insult me ? I feel hella poor

Barney K

one of the basketball goals had a hole in it lol

Chris Hansen

when you get an add talking about men living as women and women living as men before this video

Rocko lee

Detroit Lions

Antonio DG

It is not only about leaving this existence, but also leaving our loved ones, especially our children. Maybe if I have no children, it wouldnt be as bad.

Ben B

That's how multi level Outhouse management works.

Jesse Cafaro



GTA, better known as the collection of easter eggs with a small game woven in.

nika nana gurtskaia

There is a reason to going there:no reason

Owen Modzelewski

Patriots won


no one:

Porké Chop

This is cool but will it beat a PC? (In 2021-2023) Draws brown black hair Official PlayStation Magazine (UK) 10/10


One thing is though, how do I react to those who compare themselves to me? I know it is their journey not mine but I want to make them feel valued too. I usually just say thanks when I don't know them well but everyone deserves recognition for their individuality.

Squirrel Train Choo Choo

Time flies.

Me ye it think we got the hint

iweil 391

You should do stereo types with David lopez.


i think i have bpd

Cameron Lala

So happy for you both!!!

John Landers


LittleShy Lotus123

You don’t know what you have until you don’t have it.

Carson Martin

2:05 best part

Mason Nicklin

2019 This comment was posted

Nathsuper tdm

With Ronaldo!!

that's how cartoons portray it.

beloved galaxy

3 Million already, we really did that. Ateez deserve this so much.

ignasprofas1omg pw

IM sick diabetas and i proud heard someone talks about it

Add 5 to it

Kobe rock gaming


Ethan Johnson

@Dude Perfect you sould do a trick shot from Canada to America

Genevieve Correa

That totally makes my day


Not copying slo mo or anything