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I do not own the music (of course I bought the cd and recommend you do the same) and there is no copyright infringement intended.For entertainment purposes only.Enjoy the music!From the 1984 album "Grace Under Pressure" by RUSH. This song has always had a special place in my heart.The night of this particular concert, a friend of mine was supposed to meet us at the show.he never showed.Turns out run over by a drunk driver.So when I hear this song, he's the first person I think of.but it also holds very true of others that I've lost along the way since then. "Suddenly, you were goneFrom all the lives you left your mark uponI rememberHow we talked and drank into the misty dawnI hear the voicesWe ran by the water on the wet summer lawnI see the footprintsI rememberI feel the way you wouldI feel the way you wouldTried to believe but you know it's no goodThis is something that just can't be understoodI rememberThe shouts of joy skiing fast through the woodsI hear the echoesI learned your love for life,I feel the way that you wouldI feel your presenceI rememberI feel the way you wouldThis just can't be understood"

Zavien Franklin

This shows just how much effort is really put into your videos! Not that we'd expect any less!

'Cause this feels better to me

Anthony Ebie

This looking like a thriller😂



Isaac Van Pelt

Taylor Swift... Nope jokes that would be horrible

ChaosJill 44

„A Sweet, redheaded boy“ Pd. Dale a LIKE si tu también lo hicistes

Elizabeth Escalante

I still think these bastard parents should be in jail for what they did to the kids!!

Hotshot 725

Did they die ?? Just wondering ps I love dude perfect and especially Tyler lol!


thats because they have no rights on crash bandicoot anymore

I'm a walrus

Because anyone can its a free country

Alex Hansen

It would be great to get Cristiano Ronaldo in one

Justin Hassel


Ethan Durand

When he threw the match in the grill he was looking into a mirror off camera

HeyItzMePat !

hit her with the gold digger shovel

Osiel Morales Beltran

do a taste test

Keep These Videos Up Man ! Subscribe Worthy Brah :D .

Gelzo Playz

Dude perfect im sure you guys use i movie


Anyone watching in 2019

Talha Taki

"Minute Video" Go on........All of your stories just exciting me for something which i need more than ever....