Rocky IV - Hearts on Fire (FULL extended version) - YouTube

This is as close to the movie version of "Hearts on Fire" as it gets. This track has both the double-electric guitar solo (which most download versions lack) and the extended ending.Song: Hearts on FireArtist: John CaffertyFrom the Rocky IV (1985) Soundtrack

cody redmon

ok :) Y tú, ¿Ya Escuchaste Esto?

Jeff Tjebkes

3:42 that’s karma right there

Elisha Vlogs

Ty about to smash nativity seen“That would be a little to far”later smashes t.v

Caleb Smith 42

Julio jones

Jordan Harney

2018 World Cup!

Sergio Gutierrez

Im crying from tears of joy! Lol!!!!

Lightning Blue Pikachu

97 million viewss... wow


Jak and darter was my shit when I was little.

i dont know

im surprised how these parrot bebop 2s didnt break upon crash, unlike mine that broke three days after owning it

Nostalgia's Ghost

this is like saying you don't support people of a different race. it's not "just an opinion." it's called being racist, just like how saying you don't support gays is called being homophobic. try explaining why you don't support people of a different race. yeah. it's kinda impossible to do without sounding like a huge butthole. I would like a video with the girl trying to explain why she doesn't support the gays we all know and love (well maybe not all of us)

Rick Sanchez

Next Phil Rivers or Mahomes! Phil's kids would love this haha


I still don't know what the fox says???

Doroeieie Eeeho

Now there are more deppressed people in the comments

Manjeet Rajput


Casey Gregori

The dad's having trouble lately

Lizzy McDonald

wait, no, 10:58

Lucky Toast

Normal people: throws dollar bills


Did anyone noticed that the twins didn't made any trick shot. I felt bad about cory and coby

DrawingWithEvie 2019

I sub and like

Butter Boiii

Yeah this is cool and all but...Banjo Is In Smash

Niyati Sawhney

Next song fight song

Evan James

Your the GOAT

Minecraft Bossman


Annika Johnson

i cried like 8 times during this

Nathaniel Gibson

Baltimore Ravens

Flops N Crocs

Maybe this is where Logan Paul got his idea of tasering a dead rat... Throwing a dead fish like a football

Wyatt Peterson

The best movie ever

Michelle Fajardo

Outback Steakhouse closed here in the town I live in because everyone would rather drive 3 towns over to eat Texas Roadhouse

Kartik Amarwal

Please give m a cap


Let it go

Dayo Vlogs

poor people in Korah

Christenn Harris

Dis song fire man I’m in love wit dis song

Shane Steffens16

They are so cool even though you don’t get it on the 1st try

Mysticwars 2Y80

i knew it was checkers


Nasa confirms 9/11 2

lil sneeze

oh yeah yeah

I'm wolfie

Just someone tell him that it is so better for him then living this horrible life just plz talk to your mom about it or even your teacher plz

Sydney Shorltz

When you haven't fapped for a day

Mo Mo

That’s homophobic!

Zavien Franklin

Doug sounds crazy...

Brayden Peters

Germany won that world cup I believe


at the beginning i thought my head phones were broken lol


My hands are soft and and I'm a dude

Just BangTwice

Her: I lived in the woods.

Gaming brothers !

this is more basket ball edition then baseball and this vid was boring


Do floorball trickshots

Chris Woody

You know most people would pronounce it tah-ma-got-chi not tam-ma-got-chi

Melody .v.

I guess I have depression....

Lonley Emo

I don't get gumball blowing Alan or the powerpuff girls unless the girl meant she was made accidentally by condoms not being used

White Dragon Seven

knew it.... scarab gun is the best! Nice video!!