ROCKETMAN - Critique ! Un Biopic Psychanalytique

Voilà ma critique du film ROCKETMAN !8 mois après le film sur Freddy Mercury (en parti réalisé par le même réalisateur Dexter Fletcher), un autre biopic musical sur Elton John débarque dans nos salles !La questions qui brûle toutes les lèvres: Rocketman est-il mieux que Bohemian Rapsody ?Réponse dans la vidéo (qui a été réalisé sans aucune substance illicite)N'hésitez pas à me dire dans les commentaires quelles sont vos comédies musicales préférées ;)#rocketman #critique Pour me suivre sur les réseaux sociaux: Facebook : Twitter : Instagram :

Theresa Saavedra

i vote for purple huller

liam2120 liam2120

I feel so bad for ty at the finnaly

Into the woods ello ello

Juan Manuel Núñez muñoz

Soy Latino


Why is Lex Luthor Nazeem?!

Raptor Games and blogz


GCB Siarnaq

If the ground was made of trampolineBasketball would be epic

Edouard Auclair

Dat Red Dead Redemption 2 clip at the end tho ! (in the Made by: Guru Kid)

Schorlemmer TPSP

Nope Feb 2017

SF Lum

Anna saying she won't let anything happen to elsa is like Kairi saying she'll protect Sora.

NWickman 4

2018 anyone

Spotless Shows

I didn't know ty spoke Spanish AND was a bird tamer



Giligan Gilitoks

this is why i dont watch nba. its just a bunch of spoiled over payed entitled black boys. apparently black lives matter ignore the fact that this idiot player coulsve seriously injured someone by diving into the crowd. i would be upset to. this sport is too black and not diverse. nba is ran by racist black people

Nick Sushkevich

Guillermo is a treasure!


I don't get the ending at orgins. The zombies were just a story some kids made up during WW2?

Nena Oscuro

I feel you so much today my crush said 'Eww'to me

Christopher Medina

Bias for days


I think the bear is a spy system


Guys u r soooo funny..... I love you all.....You always have great tricks..